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RibbonFlex Pro™ LED Tape Lighting - Lee Valley Tools

RibbonFlex Pro™ LED Tape Lighting - Lee Valley Tools


RGB LED Lights With red, green and blue LED chipsets, these light strips are used with a color controller to produce a near endless array of colors (plus variations of white), making them exceptionally versatile for creative lighting. STEP 1: Select a Light Density 30 RGB (Color) LEDs per metre (9 LEDs per foot) LEDs shown actual size How To Get Started For the most basic set-ups, you just need an RGB LED lighting kit in the desired density, a color controller and a power supply. A good choice for indirect accent lighting. 60 RGB (Color) LEDs per metre (18 LEDs per foot) RGB (Color) LED Tape Light Kits While all our tape lighting strips and connectors are available separately to let you order exactly what you want, the best value is with these tape kits, since they are pre-assembled economically at the factory and come with connectors for joining additional lengths of tape. Each kit supplies 8И (2.5m) of tape light, pre-soldered with a 48Й wire lead for connection to a power supply, a splice connector for in-line strip-to-strip connections, a wire-lead connector to extend two sections around corners, plus two wire support clips and installation instructions. To join multiple kits, cut the pre-soldered 48Й wire lead from any tape being linked to the first and use the included splice connector to create a continuous run of lighting. Each light strip is backed with a high-tack peel-and-stick adhesive, and can be cut to length (every 4Й for the 30 LED/m and 2Й for 60 LED/m). All RGB tape lighting requires a color controller for blending the red, green and blue LEDs into a custom color. A 12V power supply with enough wattage to suit the application is also required. 1+ 3+ 00U41.51 8И (2.5m), 30LED/m Kit $48.50 $43.65 00U41.54 8И (2.5m), 60 LED/m Kit $69.50 $62.55 RGB LED Tape Light by the Foot If you don’t want to use a kit, the tape is available by the foot, but you will need to buy wiring and connectors separately. By-the-foot lighting is an economical option when adding a short length of lighting to a kit. For example, if you need 10И of lighting, instead of buying two 8И kits, order one 8И kit plus another 2И of lighting and use a splice connector to join the light strips. 1+ 10+ 25+ 00U41.52 1И (30cm), 30 LED/m, ea. $6.70 $6.00 $5.45 00U41.55 1И (30cm), 60 LED/m, ea. $9.50 $8.55 $7.70 STEP 2: Select a Color Controller Touchpad can be recessed into a hole cut into a wall or cabinet. The custom color controller/light mixer allows for a near-endless range of static colors and brightness levels. Custom color controller/light mixer 25-color wireless controller Below: just a small sampling of colors that can be produced with the color controllers. 4Й 2Й Provides brighter illumination and a more seamless output (given the greater density of LEDs). Can also be used for lower-brightness task lighting when set to white. 60 LED/m kit shown. Each kit contains: 8И tape light with 48Й wire lead, splice, wire lead connector plus two wire supports. RGB Color Controllers All RGB LED tape lighting requires a color controller to blend the red, green and blue LEDs into a custom color. Two models are available. The custom color controller/light mixer allows for a near-endless range of static colors and brightness levels. A separate dial controls the intensity of each color for precise control over the color mix. It can also be set to output white light. It is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create a specific color. The 25-color wireless controller, with remote touchpad, controls the lighting from up to 100И away. It has an on/off switch and buttons to cycle through or dim the preprogrammed static colors, which also include variations of white. Additionally, it has nine pre-programmed settings, with speed control, that control dynamic color changing effects. The touchpad, which operates using an included type 23A (12V) battery, can be recessed into a hole cut into a wall or cabinet and secured using adhesive (not supplied). The wireless controller comes pre-paired with a remote touchpad to operate on either a unique or like channel. Controllers using unique channels allow you to independently operate lights in separate areas of the same building. Controllers using like channels let you simultaneously operate* lights in multiple areas using the same wireless keypads. As such, if you want to operate several controllers in an area simultaneously, order controllers that are channelled alike. For separate zone lighting control, order controllers with unique channels. 00U41.96 Custom Color Controller/Light Mixer $18.50 00U41.94 25-Color Wireless Controller, Unique Channel $42.50 00U41.95 25-Color Wireless Controller, Channelled Alike $42.50 *When multiple RGB controllers are operated using channelled alike wireless touchpads, note that only static colors can be controlled or synchronized. Dynamic color changing effects will not operate in synchronicity.

Project Example RGB lighting strips can be used anywhere standard white light can be used. Fully dimmable to let you control its intensity, it is an excellent choice for soft accent lighting. Colored back-lighting Flat-Panel TV Using 30 LED/m RGB for ambient illumination: $97.30 40Й fl at-panel TV using 30 LED/m RGB for ambient illumination • 1 К 00U41.51 kit, 30 LED/m – 8И (2.5m) RGB • 1 К 00U41.96 custom color controller/light mixer • 1 К 00U41.83 30W power supply • 2 К 00U41.61 RGB wire lead connector Layout configuration: Straight run Power Supply STEP 3: Select a Low-Voltage Power Supply Each low-voltage power supply comes pre-wired with a 60Й (1.5m) AC cord with plug end for use in a standard 120V outlet. The 12V output is equipped with a color coded red/black wire connected to a removable terminal block for connection to your LED tape lights. Choosing a power supply is determined by the length of tape lighting being used, its LED density and how the lighting will be configured. For RGB tape, a straight-run layout using single or multiple strips in series powered only at one end of the LED strip allows the longest lengths of tape to be used. Other configurations are possible. A center-feed layout powers two equal legs of tape lighting from a central position, a loop-back layout has both ends of the LED tape powered simultaneously, and an array layout powers several unequal lengths of tape from one end. For more information on these alternative layouts, consult the power supply chart on our website. * Based on full-power brightness, the lengths shown are totals for LED tape lighting; do not include connecting wires in your calculations. Maximum RGB LED Tape Lengths* LED Density (LEDs/m) 15 Watt 00U41.82 $21.50 30 Watt 00U41.83 $26.50 60 Watt 00U41.84 $42.50 Straight run: powered at one end 30 6.6И (2m) 16.4И (5m) 32.8И (10m) 40Й Colored LEDs add a unique ambiance to your room. 16Й Color controller Back view 31Й 31Й 16Й 43/4Й Wire lead connector Side view LED strip mounted on corner bracket (double-sided adhesive tape used to secure bracket to TV back). 15 watt 30 watt Power Supply 60 7И (2.1m) 16.4И (5m) 60 watt Need More Connectors or Wire? LED Connectors and Wire If you are joining multiple strips of lighting, you may need more connectors and wire than are included in the kits. White and RGB connectors are not the same; white LED tape light uses two-conductor wires and connectors, while RGB LED tape light requires special four-conductor wires and connectors. LED Connectors and Wire White RGB Splice Connector 00U41.32 $ .70 00U41.62 $ .80 Wire Lead Connector 00U41.31 $ 1.20 00U41.61 $ 1.90 Wire Support Clip 00U41.33 $ .20 00U41.33 $ .20 22 ga. Flat Ribbon Wire, 8m (26.2И) 00U41.36 $ 6.80 00U41.66 $ 12.90 22 ga. In-Wall Wire, 8m (26.2И) 00U41.37 $ 8.60 00U41.67 $ 15.50 18 ga. Standard Wire, 8m (26.2И) 00U41.35 $ 8.60 Connection Examples WHITE Splice connector: used to join two light strips for a continuous run of lighting. RGB Splice Wire lead Wire lead connector: for running tape light around a corner, or to connect adjacent strips. You can cut the wire in half, producing two wire leads with connectors that can be joined with a length of wire, useful when extending power wires or connecting tape light in another area. To make longer “jumper” cables. Cut a wire lead connector in half to create two wire leads that can be joined to longer wires to extend power wires or connect separate strips of lighting. Wire lead to wire Wire support clip In-wall In-wall Ribbon Wire support clips: a simple wire holder with an adhesive backing. Ribbon 22 gauge wire: a 26.2И (8m) roll in two formats: flat ribbon wire, In-wall for most applications, and in-wall rated (with a PVC jacket), for use when the wire will be hidden inside a wall. 18 gauge ribbon wire: (for use with white LED’s only): supplied as a 26.2И (8m) roll. A good choice to reduce voltage drop when using longer runs of wire. You can generally run about twice the length of 18 gauge over 22 gauge wire. For example, if your 60 LED per metre tape is 12' long, the maximum wire length from the ribbon tape to the power supply is 10' using 22 gauge and 20' using 18 gauge.

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