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UltrAspire 2015

UltrAspire 2015


ELITE IMMORTALS At UltrAspire, nothing is done without the feedback of a team of individuals who have the endurance, tenacity and strength of body and heart to be what we term our Elite Immortals. These athletes test our products and wear them during long and often inconceivable circumstances. They know if something needs tweaking, is irritating or just plain wrong! They also tell us when it feels, and works, just right. And give us ideas for better products and inspire us in our goal to help you aspire to, and reach, your own. Our definition of an Elite Immortal is: One who seeks to exist beyond the reaches of his or her natural limits. Who strives to overcome normal physical, mental, and spiritual walls, tap into a higher and deeper power and transcend the boundaries of ordinary life. Why Elite Immortal? Every individual has a right to supreme moments and everyone has the ability to attain them. Our elite group includes athletes such as: Karl Meltzer Heather Wurtele Jeff Browning Luke Nelson Krissy Moehl Connie Gardner Denise Bourassa Justin Angle Roch Horton Ty Draney Rod Bien Ashley Nordell Darcy Africa Duncan Callahan Dylan Bowman Kathleen Egan Scott Jamie Trevor Wurtele Ian Sharman Magda Lewy-Boulet Aric Manning Barry Lewis Charles Corfield Debbie Livingston Evan Honeyfield Jim Knight Liza Howard Matt Hart Shannon Price Arthur Martineau Gavin McKenzie Jason Poole Jim Parry Kristina Folcik Patent-Pending Maxwell Ferguson Nick Triolo Rebekah Trittipoe Jordan LaFreniere Keira Henninger Andy Jones-Wilkins Craig Lloyd Evan Reimondo Bob Crowley To learn more about the Elite Immortal program please contact

PORTAL ACCESS UltrAspire has a file portal which will allow you to easily access and download any files that you require to market this brand. It contains all the necessary info to successfully learn about and sell UltrAspire products. • For an overview/orientation on the file portal usage please watch the following video: • Then please visit the portal at: Log in with the following credentials (exactly as shown): username: distributor password: EcBrAnds! • Find the following and more on our file portal: Advertisements Catalogs Point of Purchase signage files Gear Fitting Guide (specs and measurements) Logos Action/Lifestyle Photos Press Releases Product Images Marketing Videos Product Copy Gear Reviews Product Tutorial Videos UltrAspire is constantly updating and adding to these files, so remember to review these files frequently as you will have access to material that will aid in marketing our fine products. UltrAspire is a d/b/a of Elite creators LLC. This file portal contains information for all of our fine brands, including Clik Elite and StatPacks. ULTRASPIRE | | 888.346.0608

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