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UltrAspire 2015

UltrAspire 2015


WELCOME Dear International Distributor, We at UltrAspire appreciate you very much and wish to thank you for your dedication, drive and determination to share UltrAspire with a growing world family that consists of the most athletic, tenacious and adventuresome people the world has ever known! This is a great way to foster global peace, prosperity, health and wellbeing! UltrAspire springs from my 30+ years of experience and a desire to build packs for others that I, myself, would want to use without regard to mass appeal or price point. I truly believe most dedicated and driven athletes like me, appreciate fine attention to details that enhance their experience. We rely on you to seek out and engage the very best retail specialty stores and venues to showcase these high-end unique products—with the goal to get them out to the people who will not just love them, but thrive in them! If you each fully understand these products, you will be able to share such information with your customers, who in turn, will share with theirs. We want to give you as many resources as required to effectively market these products at all levels. We believe in our products and stand by them. Every piece has been thoroughly tested and approved by world-class athletes everywhere. We believe in the difference and the choices we offer. If you, too, believe in UltrAspire—you will be able to make a difference with your customers, and they, in turn, with theirs. But the real difference is in how it feels. We believe the right of every athlete is to know what feels right, understand why it feels right and to have what feels right. We need your partnership to accomplish this. At UltrAspire we believe every athlete can go to the next level with a little guidance and the right products. Please let me help you in anyway possible to pass on this gift to others. Best wishes! Bryce

DIRECTORY Bryce Thatcher- Founder and President Bryce has 30+ year history as a designer/innovator. He is known as the inventor of the modern hydration “pack”, pioneer of “fast packing” and Grand Teton ascent/descent record holder. He is an endurance athlete, avid trail runner, skier, cyclist, canyoneer, and devoted dad who enjoys pushing his own limits and helping others push theirs. His design innovations spring from activity and are developed through real life testing, feedback and more testing. Adriane Frehner - Domestic Sales Manager Adriane works with Bryce Thatcher in the R&D department designing and testing the UltrAspire line. She is an avid runner who leans towards trails but has also accomplished 48 road marathons. She loves to wear the UltrAspire packs whenever she gets a chance whether its road biking, hiking with her husband and children or hitting the trails to train for a 50 miler. She has been introduced to mountain running and is developing a love for that sport. Jeremy Frehner- UltrAspire International Sales Manager Jeremy has been a long distance runner for 15 years completing over 45 marathon or greater distance races. For this purpose he has come to UA, simply because of the recognition of “Quality, Innovative comfort for the running athlete”. He also proclaims a passion for gardening, reading, woodworking, and most importantly, his wife and 4 Children. “It is so exciting to see hardworking individuals achieve their athletic goals by applying one of our packs or vests.....there is real satisfaction there.” Cherie Santiago- Public Relations, Social Media, and Marketing Cherie’s talent for desk building is what brought her to UltrAspire though her background in arts/ graphic design is becoming a better fit for the company. Cherie’s graphic design career has taken her from designing and authoring dvd menus to making props for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, CA. Cherie grew up in Southern California surfing and playing softball. St. George, UT has become her playground keeping her busy running road and trail races, and competing in triathlons. Her hobbies include geocaching with her family, watching loud action movies and jumping. Krissy Moehl- UltrAspire Athlete Liaison and Elite Immortal Krissy says, “I am the lucky one that connects our Elite Immortals to the brand. These relationships drive our product development. Rather than trying to tell the market what it needs, UltrAspire is driven by athletes’ needs.” Krissy likes that her two feet and a little personal time will take her to places that are otherwise inaccessible. She loves extended road trips that involve trails, eats, races and visits with friends around the world. ULTRASPIRE | | 888.346.0608

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