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UltrAspire 2015

UltrAspire 2015

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HISTORY contd. on/off valve for reservoir tubing. He built the first rapid access bladder compartment. He made major improvements on the vest pack and invented the propulsion harness. He added pockets and other storage space to handhelds and he improved the race belt and other hip specific products. During the time Bryce was there, Nathan went from a lower tier United States hydration line to a first tier leader and worldwide innovator. UltrAspire, 2011. To an innovator like Bryce, there are always dozens of ideas that could lead to improved or specialized products. As Nathan grew, the company shifted its emphasis from specialty markets to target huge general consumer markets. This left little room for Bryce to innovate specialty items for individual athletes. A desire to return to his roots creating perfect solutions focusing on the specialized needs of dedicated athletes began to grow, and so a new brand was born with aspirations of bringing great products to the growing sport and world of ultras, which he helped originate. With the help of a team of extreme and diverse athletes, Bryce has developed, tested and brought to a stagnant market flooded with his old designs and iterations, new award winning and innovative products. These products were immediately embraced and adopted by Europe and Asian markets and many top athletes in the US have recognized and understood UltrAspire to be the cutting edge of the industry. More about Bryce Thatcher: Bryce Thatcher, an innovator and inventor of hydration “packs”, vests, belts, bottles, reservoirs, tubes and valves, and other accessories, is a dedicated adventurer and endurance athlete whose record ascent/descent of the Grand Teton of 3:06 stood for nearly 30 years. In 1986, he founded Ultimate Direction, which has become the market leader for the ultra-endurance athlete market. He later sold this business to Sierra Designs of American Recreational Products where he worked and continued to design all hydration until 2003. He also, co-founded Elite Creators, LLC. Which began to market Medical packs in 2002. In 2004, he went to work with Penguin Brands, Inc., and Nathan Sports Products, where he re-engineered the entire hydration line and continued to innovate the growth of Nathan hydration packs until 2010 with designs that continue to be marketed by Nathan. Because Bryce is an athlete and has always worked with athletes, he has a special expertise in bringing solutions to athletes everywhere. Thatcher has worn his own packs for many of his own adventures: as a two-time All-American cross-country skier; while participating in an MSOQ adventure race in Lijiang, China; while pioneering “fast packing” on a record-setting run of Highline Trail in Wyoming’s Wind River Range; while making a record sub-9 hour self-supported solo ride of Utah’s, 103 mile White Rim Trail and in winning Idaho and Utah State Cycling Time Trial titles. He is an avid mountaineer and trail runner. He has also created many custom packs for unique ultra-endeavors. Bryce will always aspire to be an extreme endurance athlete. Not only because he loves pushing his limits but also because he feels it is key to keeping up with the evolving needs of the athlete and in furthering innovation and design. Bryce lives in St. George, UT, USA with his family who all participate in an active lifestyle ultra-running, canyoneering, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, and biking, among other endeavors.

UltrAspire Products Beyond Belief PRODUCT INNOVATION & FEATURES At UltrAspire we don’t ask athletes to adapt to our packs, we build packs that adapt to the athlete— and enable potential success from every possible angle. • Infusion Valve and High Flow Reservoirs: Expend the energy on forward motion, while UltrAspire provides virtually effortless hydration. An UltrAspire Red tube with Infusion Valve (and quick release) system has the flow rate capacity to expel the entire contents of a reservoir in 27 seconds, flat. *Compare to others tested which expelled fluid content in 57 seconds. • Moisture Management and Air Flow: Unquestionable comfort and breathability. See the chart below on a simulated test when an individual sweats and how airflow is affected. The breathability of our new large holed mesh is unmatched. • Molecular Belt System (MBS): The MBS system is a specialty store dream. The answer to every athlete’s wish for an absolutely stable personalized pack and the first choice of pros. Never obsolete, with customizable fit customizable capacity, and no buckle over the belly. Mix and match pieces, easily use one configuration for training and another for race-day. • Polarity System : Multi-purpose system, enables a secure carriage of bottle, enables bottle return to correct pack position, and provides a gravity source like mother earth, which may aid rapid absorption and speed hydration to a cellular level. • Magnon Electrolyte Pocket : An easy to access dry safe place for pills and other supplements. Automatic closing flap and inner shelf to prevent loss of small precious body support items. • Choice Fabrics and construction: A dimensional decision keeping in mind a balance of weight and durability, breathability, movement, softness and comfort, and considering the human form and function from design through expert construction. • Sweat Proof Webbing: The total comfort of the athlete prevails in the choice to use webbing that doesn’t triple its weight absorbing sweat, gather bacteria or provoke chafing. Another first in the industry and, just one more example of UltrAspire’s attention to detail!

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