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UltrAspire 2015

UltrAspire 2015


PRODUCT INNOVATION & FEATURES Changes, upgrades, and innovations to the UltrAspire 2015 Product line • New Binding: Soft touch perimeter edging with beautiful de-bossed logos for a polished look, and a non-restrictive feel. There’s a little stretch built into the material so the soft contouring lines of a pack truly form to the human body. • Large-hole Mesh: Unquestionable comfort and breathability. Now with even larger openings in the wire mesh, the soft microfiber fabric wicks away sweat and is 35% more breathable. The material provides sound structure and support while maintaining air flow and cooling throughout the pack. • Max O 2 Sternum & Max O 2 Waist closure system: Patent-pending attachment system with enhanced recoil for better range of motion, quick in and out, boot hook type attachment. Once adjusted for proper fit, there is no slippage or change in tension, even when getting in and out of the vest. Adjust once and lock down to eliminate further fuss. It’s the only system out there that allows for full movement through the chest cavity and unrestricted deep breathing without any loss of stability. • New Bladder/Reservoir Attachment: The new system features a lightweight, and fast method of attaching the bladder inside a pack. No struggling to detach or reattach bladder. Great for aid stations and lightning fast refills. • New Strap Keepers: Adjustability is critical, but strap management is important too. An athlete will run into diverse conditions with fluctuating temperatures- one moment it’s cold and raining and another it is sunny and hot. Rather than trimming webbing and being stuck with one size on a pack, our new strap keepers are lightweight, very functional, and easier to use. • Elastic Mesh with More Stretch: More is usually better when it comes to capacity. Our new elastic mesh on our quick stash pockets features more stretch and capacity without added bulk or weight. • New Front Pocket Mesh: When an athlete is hours into an even, grams count when it comes to weight. Our new mesh on the front pockets of our vests are even lighter and softer. • New Bottle Caps: Our bottles will come standard with the new push/pull style cap. This cap is available for both our 8 oz. and 16 oz. Ergo bottles, as well as our larger 20 oz. and 26 oz. bottles. With a nice pearlized sheen, these caps can take a beating and still look good and perform well. The nozzle opening is designed around traditional push/pull lids.

Isomeric 8 oz SKU: Category: Colors: Fluid Capacity: Weight: (Includes bottle) Total Volume: External Dimensions: (HxWxD) UA092 Hand Held Pinnacle Pink, Luminous Blue, Twilight Green 8 oz Ergo bottle 96 g 162 cubic cm 15 x 9 x 5 cm Another fine hand held designed especially with humans in mind! Conserve your energy and carry your fluids with little effort. This new innovative handheld is designed especially for our gravity assisted angled bottles. Comes standard with a Human 8 oz. bottle. Adjustable strap for a custom fit. • Flexible mesh hand strap. • Contours to different hand shapes. • Comes standard with 8 oz Human Bottle. • Flat stretch mesh pocket to accommodate gels or other quick access items. • Zippered elastic mesh pocket for keys or other valuables. • Multiple hand positioning possible and available for both left and right handed use. • Adjustable and lock down shock cord strap for secure yet comfortable fit in multiple hand positions. • Reflectivity for safety.

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