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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

Southlanders have a

Southlanders have a favourable work/ life balance • Nearly half the Southland population is employed full time, while a further 20% are employed on a part-time basis; • Nine out of ten Southlanders have at least enough financial resource to meet their regular requirements for food, accommodation, and other necessities; • Half the respondents 'never' or 'rarely' experienced stress that had a negative effect in the last twelve months; • Over 80% of residents of Southland are satisfied with their leisure time; • Of working residents, 80% are satisfied with the balance between their work life and other aspects of their life • Half the respondents were active six or seven days per week; Southlanders are satisfied with the condition of their environment • Three quarters of Southlanders are happy with the state of their environment; • There is awareness of environmental issues, with the leading issue being dairying and the resulting concerns regarding effluent and water quality. Southlanders are satisfied with their leadership • Two thirds of Southlanders are satisfied or very satisfied with their leadership; • A similar proportion have confidence that the decisions made by Southland's leaders are in the best interest of the community; • Over 90% of respondents believe that the community has an influence on decisions made by Southland's leaders, with two thirds believing they have 'a large' or 'some' influence; • Nearly seven out of every ten Southlanders believe they are adequately informed with regard to key regional issues. Southlanders are generally healthy • 86% of Southlanders rated their health as 'excellent', 'very good' or 'good'; • Despite the high rating of health, nearly 40% of respondents noted that they experienced a long-term health condition or disability. Of these, nearly half noted that the disability had a daily impact on their lives; • Access to medical care was high, with 94% of respondents able to see a GP or doctor when they required attention. Southlanders feel there is some level of cultural diversity within the region • Over half of Southlanders believe that the city, town or area in which they live is culturally rich and diverse; • Nearly half of Southlanders believe that the presence of people with different lifestyles and cultures makes minimal difference to the local area. Over 40% believed that the presence of migrants provided a positive influence, providing broader perspectives, the opportunity to learn from other cultures, and reducing racism.

Report to Council Tuesday 3 August 2010 By the Invercargill Youth Council 1. YOUTH COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Cameron Black and Nikita Walker hope to attend the meeting to report on the September Youth Council meeting and the candidates' forum. 2. HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION UNESCO NATIONAL YOUTH FORUM ON CULTURAL DIVERSITY Ben Bielski and Fea Kamosie will attend the meeting to report on their attendance at the Human Rights Commission UNESCO National Youth Forum on Cultural Diversity. Ben is a member of the Youth Council and Fea is a young man working in our community. They were selected by a panel of Youth Council members to attend the forum held in August in Christchurch. 3. YOUTH COUNCIL REVIEW The Youth Council has decided to meet in October to review their year and plan for 2011. There may be ten students returning to the Youth Council from the current year. **********

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