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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

J Mitchell said when she

J Mitchell said when she and Cr Piercy went to inspect the cabins, the single worst items were the mattresses and there were some abysmal coverings on them. She said that had since being remedied. She said there were now new mattresses there and in her opinion, the cabins were perfectly acceptable for a camping ground. Cr Piercy said reading the report, it seemed that for its viability to make it an economic venture to be taken on, Mr Procter would have to rely on a big input of tourism in town. He said the 10% margin was very little. He said the only thing that concerned him was that someone would take it on and it was not viable financially. He said it was a 20 year lease and he was not suggesting that Mr Procter would fall off the ground, but 20 years was a long time. Mr Procter said most of the leases were revisited every three years. He said they were reassessed and the rent was apportioned on to the annual turnover. He said it was not a block amount of time that you would be passing on an asset. He said it was almost like a landlord and tenant agreement where there were clauses for the landlord with a disputes resolution formally laid out. He said as for the liability, the most important thing was for someone to be there to meet and greet visitors as well as promoting it. He said that would be the key to its success. J Mitchell said Mr Procter raised the matter of the formal resolution made by the Board in November 2009 with regard to the cabins. She said to rescind that resolution took two to three days' notice to the Chief Executive Officer prior to a meeting. She said as this was the final meeting of the term it was not appropriate to attend to that matter, but should the new Board in future wish to go down that road, it would be addressed. She said to a degree the resolution had been superseded by the fact that Council never did move on from that suggestion, they instead moved to this feasibility study. She said Council was waiting to hear from that and it was still to be discussed. She asked Cr Boniface for clarification of that. Cr Boniface said Council was waiting for a Business Plan from Mr Procter. J Mitchell said at this point it would be left in abeyance and the matter would be raised in the future if need be. She said the Board had always said that the lease matter was between the caretaker and the Council. Cr Piercy said he would suggest that the Board received the report. He said he did not see any problems in making a recommendation to Council, because Council was still functioning. He said the Board could make a resolution to Council to rescind the previous resolution and it was up to Council to debate that, so that when it came back to the Board it was on clean grounds. J Mitchell said the matter could not be discussed as a Board, until Mr Procter had finished his submission. Mr Procter said he was grateful to the Chairperson , their support with regard to the camping ground. Cr Piercy and the Board for Moved J Mitchell, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the Bluff Community Board thanks Mr Procter for his submission to the Board. Moved Cr Piercy, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the report be received,

AND THAT 2.2 Bluff Pool It be RECOMMENDED to Council that the previous decision with regard to the closure of the cabins be rescinded. Raoul Butler was in attendance to speak to this matter. Mr Butler's remarks included: â â â â â â â â I spoke to a company who may have another solution to making a heating device, which is a boiler to heat the pool. It runs on 13 cents per kilowatt and it's self cleaning. It can be transferred to coal to run it. They would be interested in meeting with the Board. One of the things they are proposing is that a wood chip burner that they make is less than fuel to run it. They will do it at a good price as long as the locals got involved with it. There is a company in town and the insurance paid for the boiler for one year. A package could be worked out for the product and its 13 cents per kilowatt. J Mitchell said if Mr Butler provided the information, she would pass that that to the Trust once it was formed. Mr Butler's remarks included: â â â â â â â â â â â With the camping ground, the future of Bluff if we want to see any tourism is that Bluff gets marketed. The camping ground was like "hide and seek", so there needs to be some marketing to draw people to the camping ground. That's the same as the pool. If there was some signage put up, it doesn't have to look like a street sign. Someone locally has to organise it, instead of sending everything out of town. That brings me to the skateboard competition that I organised. What made the skateboard competition a success was we didn't run it. I got the athletes to run it as their competition. We need to make them organise the competition so that they will own it and look after it. I did all the organising of that competition and they turned up and ran it. We need to empower them to go along and do it themselves and it would benefit everybody if they paid a humble fee to undertake some workshops with tutors at the school for this competition. That's a structure that could work through the whole of Southland. In response to a question from A Brocklehurst, as to whether Mr Butler had a template set up for the organisation of the skateboard competition, Mr Butler said he had a file with information with regard to organising the skateboard competition. In response to a question from A Brocklehurst, whether he would be able to assist someone else in running the skateboard competition next year, Mr Butler said it would be good to have the Council involved. He said he spent about $600.00 on phone calls, because almost everyone nowadays did business on mobiles. -13

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