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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

In response to a

In response to a question from J Mitchell, as to whether Mr Butler had spoken with Bluff Promotions with regard to the organisation of the skateboard competition, Mr Butler said Bluff Promotions should only assist the athletes in organising the competition. He said it would make it their event and it would give some purpose to it. J Mitchell said when he was next approached with regard to setting up the next competition, to refer them to M Napper, who was the Community Development Manager from the Invercargill City Council. She said Ms Napper was helping the city skateboarders and she would be happy to assist. Moved J Mitchell, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the Bluff Community Board thanks Mr Butler for his submission to the Board. 3. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 12 JULY 2010 Moved A Brocklehurst, seconded J Mitchell and RESOLVED that the minutes be approved as a true and correct record. MATTERS ARISING 4.1 Resource Consent Sanford Limited and Resource Consent for Foveaux Oysters Ltd J Mitchell said she was contacted by the people concerned with Foveaux Oysters Ltd, Resource Consent application. She said they had received consent from the Invercargill City Council today and they were now able to move on to the next, which is a review of the Marine Farming. She said they were happy with the result. 5. REPORT OF THE BLUFF PUBLICITY/PROMOTIONS OFFICER The report had been circulated. J Mitchell said Mr Beer sent his apologies for not attending due to travel plans being delayed. 5.1 HMNZS Otago Visit 5.2 Up and Over Bluff Hill Grunt J Mitchell said with regard to a matter from Mr Beer's report from the last meeting to do with the picnic tables on Marine Parade, Mr Beer had looked into that matter and at present there were two funding applications into two different groups to hopefully acquire money to purchase tables to put on the concrete pads. She said Bluff Promotions were waiting to hear the results of those applications. Moved J Michell, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the report be received.

6. REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND PLANNING SERVICES The report had been circulated. Mr Tonkin took the meeting through the report. 6.1 40 Lee Street, Bluff In response to a question from J Mitchell, as to whether the request with regard to cancelling demolishing of the building was before or after the property changed hands, Mr Tonkin said it was after. 6.2 22 Spencer Street, Bluff Mr Tonkin said the second property he did not have on his report was 22 Spencer Street, Bluff. He said he had contacted the owner and he had sent a letter to Mr Tonkin saying, "I regret purchasing this property without getting a building report, I started pulling the linings off from the inside and found that the weatherboards were so bad so I have been trying to sell it as a DIY." Mr Tonkin said he did not understand what the owner meant, so he phoned him and asked what his position was. The owner's position was he bought it for quite a considerable amount of money. The owner had a mortgage and was now trying to sell it and he had one offer, which was half the price of the mortgage. Mr Tonkin said he suggested to the owner that under the Council's powers, Mr Tonkin considered it dangerous and if Council went to Court to get an audit, it would be a charge on the land. Mr Tonkin said he advised the owner that Council did not want to go down that track, but he suggested to the owner to look at re-cladding the front and mowing his lawns at the property. J Mitchell said to clarify for the Board, there was a complaint from a neighbour who claimed that the property was lowering the tone of the street. It had not been something that had just happened, the property had been in that state for a number of months. Moved J Mitchell, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the report be received. 6.3 63 Barrow Street, Bluff Mr Tonkin said work had started on 63 Barrow Street now. 6.4 100 Gore Street, Bluff Mr Tonkin said Council had a building consent to demolish this property. He said the Historic Places Trust was having some disputes with the owner, and Mr Tonkin has suggested to the owner that he engage Mr Hesselin, of the Southland branch New Zealand Historic Places Trust, and if anything came up Mr Hesselin would assist. Mr Tonkin said Council could not do anything because it was up to the Historic Places Trust. J Mitchell said the Board had waited for months for Mr Hesselin to do that through the Historic Places Trust. She said this report had come back to the Board for most of this year and if it was going to happen that way, it would have happened by now. She asked if New Zealand Historic Places Trust and Mr Hesselin, on behalf of the owner, had commenced dialogue.