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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

J Mitchell said she also

J Mitchell said she also represented the Bluff Community at the Charter Parade in the city. She said it was a very formal and moving event. She had sent letters of congratulations and thanks to the Commanding Officer of the "Otago" Lieutenant Simon Rooke and Lieutenant Commander Ian Marshall from Dunedin. She said they had sent a letter back thanking the Bluff Community and the Bluff Board for the part we played in the event. Copies of those letters were tabled. J Mitchell said she also sent an email of thanks to Lieutenant Commander Nigel Finnerty of Invercargill, who helped coordinate the event with Lindsay Beer. 10.2 New Zealand Aluminium Smelter Visit J Mitchell said the Board's annual visit to the New Zealand Aluminium Smelter had been received for the Board to go over on 14 September, between 9.00 am and 12.00 pm. She said they wanted to show the Board their laboratory and other associated areas there. She extended an invitation to Cr Boniface to attend. Cr Boniface said he would confirm his attendance as soon as he was able. 10.3 Bluff Pool Upgrade Copies of the Swimming Options in Bluff feasibility study by Janette Malcolm were tabled and J Mitchell took the meeting through it. Cr Piercy said the feasibility study was excellent. He said it looked at statistics, age population, school roles and so forth that had options to keep the pool going for six years, which was the sensible option, otherwise Bluff would have a dinosaur around its neck, and this document showed the way forward. He said it was an exciting and imaginative document, and to put the barriers up and say the current pool would do was not an option. He said it would do the job for five to six years, but after that Bluff needed to think about what it needed for tourism. He said it painted a grim picture of Bluff's declining and aging population. J Mitchell said an equally disturbing fact was the low socio economic situation portrayed of the town. Cr Piercy said that was the depressing part. He said there needed to be people involved with industry experience to start to change that situation. J Mitchell said Bluff had a very talented group of residents in the town to draw on and a number of them were starting to talk in the background now about the possibility of becoming Trustees. She said it was an exciting future if some of those folk came on board. She said the document was not on the Venture Southland website at the moment, but it would be there in the next day or so, if anyone wanted a copy. Moved A Brocklehurst, seconded J Mitchell and RESOLVED that the report be received. J Mitchell said $176,020.32 had been raised or committed at the present time towards the pool fundraising. She said part of that was from the Bluff Calendar sales, which had so far raised over $28,242. She said Council had the Calendar available in the Esk Street Civic Administration Building, which was much appreciated by the Bluff Community. She asked Cr Boniface to take that back to Council.

She said included in the total was $11,117, which the Swimming Club presented at the public meeting. She said it was tremendous that the community was working so well together. She said the pool meeting that the Council called drew approximately 50 people. She said the Trustee Deed was discussed and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr King, took everyone through it and Mr Cambridge, the City Solicitor, was present to answer questions. She said nomination forms had not been received from the Council and asked that Cr Boniface follow that up with Mr King tomorrow. 10.4 Bluff Hill Memorandum of Understanding J Mitchell said the side agreement that was required between the Council and the Bluff Community Charitable Trust had been signed in relation to the top of the hill lookout, the Skateboard Park and Stirling Point. She said that document ensured the city would cover those areas for maintenance purposes. She said that meant Memorandum of Understanding for the hill between the Department of Conservation and the Bluff Community Charitable Trust and Invercargill City Council could be signed and it was in that process at the moment. She said that document would be in place for the next five years. 10.5 Stirling Point J Mitchell said the Interpretive Panel was now in place by the Chainlink Sculpture. She said it was erected on a concrete slab. Moved J Mitchell, seconded A Brocklehurst and RESOLVED that the report be received. 11. MEMBERS ' REPORT 12. URGENT BUSINESS 12.1 Financial Statements J Mitchell said she contacted the Invercargill City Council today with regard to the Financial Statements, and she was informed that the accounts for the end of the year were not finalised until Wednesday this week. She said because this was the last Board meeting for the term, she had requested that they be sent directly to Board Members in the post later on this week. 12.2 Last Board Meeting J Mitchell said as this was the last Board meeting prior to the elections, she wanted to thank everyone for their help and support during this term in office. She said the Board had achieved a lot and she reminded everyone that the Board did stay in place until the new Board was sworn in. She acknowledged the help, support and attendance of Mrs Williams and Ms Kuresa at the meetings and said they had been a great assistance to the Board. She said Cr Piercy had been an immense help to the Board. She appreciated his guidance and support all the way through. She said on behalf of the Board she wished him a long and fulfilling retirement from local body politics.

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