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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

She thanked A

She thanked A Brocklehust and in their absence, R Powley and R Ashwell, who were not re-standing for the Board, for all their support and help given and said they had played an important part for an immense number of years. She extended best wishes to everyone. Cr Piercy said at the start of the session things were tense, but he had come to respect J Mitchell's chairmanship and admired her tenacity. He said she was an excellent Chairperson. He said Bluff had a testing time ahead and he hoped that the Bluff Board members attended the meetings, otherwise it was a waste of time being a Board Member. He said it was important that everyone put their views forward. The Councillor was the liaison between the Council and the Board, and he had a long association with Bluff and loved the place. He said Bluff had huge potential and good leadership at the Board level in taking initiatives to the Council, which was very important. He said it was time to take initiatives to the Council that were good ideas, to bring people into it and that was the only way to drive it. He wished J Mitchell the very best with her endeavours to get on the Board and hoped that everyone else worked as hard as she did. J Mitchell said Bluff had enjoyed having Cr Piercy on the Board. She said Cr Piercy was accepted as more of a Bluffie than a townie. A Brocklehurst thanked J Mitchell for her comments and said she had thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the Board. She wished J Mitchell and the new Board all the best. Cr Boniface said A Brocklehurst and R Powley had been on the Board for a number of years and Council appreciated the work they had put in. He said R Ashwell had been on the Board for a short time, but he had worked hard also. He said there was no better advocate than Cr Piercy around the Council table for the Bluff Community and he had been a vigorous supporter of Bluff. He wished A Brocklehurst, R Powley and R Ashwell well for the future and congratulated them for the sterling effort they had put in. There being no further business, the meeting finished at 8.10 pm. * * * * * * * * * *

MINUTES OF A MEETING OF THE REGULATORY SERVICES COMMITTEE HELD IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBER, FIRST FLOOR , CIVIC ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, 101 ESK STREET , INVERCARGILL ON MONDAY 30 AUGUST 2010 AT 4.00 PM PRESENT : Cr D J Ludlow - Chairman Cr R L Abbott Cr T J Buck Cr A G Dennis Cr J Kruger IN ATTENDANCE: Cr N D Boniface Cr L S Thomas Mrs P Gare - Director of Environmental and Planning Services Mr T Boylan - Manager Planning Ms D Fortuin - Manager Environmental Health Services Mrs D McCallum - Manager Compliance Mrs B Milne - Manager Administration Ms L Kuresa - Committee Secretary APOLOGIES His Worship the Mayor Mr T R Shadbolt JP and Cr G J Sycamore. Moved Cr Abbott, seconded Cr Buck and accepted. RESOLVED that the apology be 2. PUBLIC FORUM 3. REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND PLANNING SERVICES The report had been circulated. 3.1 Invercargill District Licensing Agency (IDLA) Annual Report The report had been circulated. Moved Cr Ludlow, seconded Cr Kruger and RESOLVED that it be RECOMMENDED to Council that Council receive and adopt the Invercargill District Licensing Agency Annual Report. Note : Cr Dennis declared a conflict of interest and abstained from voting. 3.2 Update on the Noise Policy Consultation The report had been circulated. Ms Fortuin said this was the Policy that was being implemented at the moment. She said there would be a trial run and Council would publicly notify the Policy early in 2011.

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