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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

In response to a

In response to a question from Cr Ludlow, as to what the trial run involved, Ms Fortuin said Council would be implementing its Policy and Council was not required by law to publicly notify. Moved Cr Abbott, seconded Cr Kruger and RESOLVED that the report be received. 3.3 Food Bill 2010 The report had been circulated. Moved Cr Ludlow, seconded Cr Dennis that it be RECOMMENDED to Council that Council receive and endorse the comments submitted to Local Government New Zealand to form part of a joint submission on the Food Bill 2010. Cr Kruger said she preferred the original idea around Premises Without a Food Control Plan or national programmes at one off festivals/cultural events. She said it appeared that the original intent of the proposed bill was that those people would not have to go through all the hurdles provided that they were given appropriate education and good food guidelines. She said there was a comment in the report which states, "We feel this is too large a risk to permit," and she struggled to agree with that comment. She said she agreed that there were some risks with food handling in general, but for those events it created another level of complications for organisers of events. If you were having a cultural festival and there were people who cooked the food at their homes, she did not think we had the kind of botulism rights, to be as fearful as we were making out. She said she appreciated all the other comments, she did not see that cooking was any more dangerous than a sausage sizzle. She said she preferred the more open minded approach and she struggled with that as she did not share the view that it was too large a risk to commit. She said it was cooking innovation and bringing people, who were ordinary people, out of their kitchens and into the community to share who they were was what added spice to life. She said the minimal risk that went with it was that most of those people cooked with fresh foods and if Council had carried out the education of food handling guidelines, there was not much to worry about. She said the fewer regulations Council put in for those events the better. Cr Ludlow said the last Multi-Nations event that was held at Hansen Hall he did not recall there being any stalls that were not commercial operators. Cr Kruger said there were no stalls there that were not commercial operators because of that rule. Ms Fortuin said Council's view was that the risk should not be looked at by the frequency of operation, but by the type of food and how it was cooked. She said the view that Council shared was checked with our neighbouring councils and they were of a similar view. From a professional point of view it would be things like chicken curry Council had control to educate people, but no control as to what temperature people had the food at, with regard to the control that the fridge was being maintained, how they were being transported and how they were reheating the food at the venue. She said there was no control by having that open forum view that they were promoting at the moment. She said she could not put her hand on heart and say that food would be safe, given there were so many possibilities. She said all Council had was the commitment of those people saying that they would do it well.

In response to a question from Cr Ludlow, whether the same rules applied to vendors at craft shows, Ms Fortuin said that they did, and she said that they were required to meet the minimum standard, which was cooking in commercial premises. In response to a question from Cr Dennis, as to what the practical terms were with regard to people having a sausage sizzle and a hangi, Ms Fortuin said with regard to a sausage sizzle that was regarded as a lower risk. The people would come to Council and they would be given a check list of what they had to comply with, and that was the education side of it. She said because it was a lower risk item, they would pay $10.00 for their licence. She said the hangis were under special guidelines at the Marae that people had to prescribe to and the Ministry of Health had an input into that. The motion, now being put, was RESOLVED in the affirmative. 3.4 Provision to Hold a Hearing During the Election Period The report had been circulated. Moved Cr Abbott, seconded Cr Kruger and RESOLVED that it be RECOMMENDED to Council that the present Councillors who are members of the Hearings Panel retain their role as Commissioners to hear and determine applications until such time that a new Hearings Panel is appointed. The Hearings Panel will consist of a minimum of any three of the following: â â â â â Graham Sycamore Darren Ludlow Neil Boniface Alan Dennis Jackie Kruger 3.5 Department of Building and Housing - Monthly Report The report had been circulated and Mr Tonkin took the meeting through the report. Moved Cr Ludlow, seconded Cr Dennis and RESOLVED that the report be received. 3.6 Department of Building and Housing - Building and Construction Outlook Moved Cr Dennis, seconded Cr Kruger and RESOLVED that the report be received. 3.7 Quotable Value Monthly Report Moved Cr Kruger, seconded Cr Buck and received. RESOLVED that the report be 3.8 Action Sheet In response to a question from Mrs Gare, as to what the Committee meant by "Council provide a master plan to the District Plan changes", what was the Committee accepting, Cr Boniface said was a priority in how things would happen or be done. 2

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