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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

Cr Kruger said it was

Cr Kruger said it was also with regard to which parts were being done in conjunction with neighbouring authorities. Cr Boniface said it was important that the matter came back to Council for discussion on those priorities, because there had been some expression that the city needed to be looked at. Mrs Gare said she had discussions with Mr Watt and Mr Boylan on timing and they had agreed on a timetable for Mr Watt as the Chief Consultant to come back with some plans for the District Plan. Moved Cr Abbott, seconded Cr Kruger and RESOLVED that the report be received. 3.9 Monthly Reports Moved Cr Dennis , seconded Cr Abbott and RESOLVED that the report be received. 4. LEVELS OF SERVICE REPORTS - 1 JULY 2009 TO 31 MARCH The reports had been circulated. 4.1 Animal Control 4.2 Building Consents 4.3 Compliance 4.4 Environmental Health 4.5 Resource Management Moved Cr Abbott, seconded Cr Buck and RESOLVED that the report be received. 6. URGENT BUSINESS There being no further business , the meeting finished at 4.32 pm.

Report to Council Tuesday 14 September 2010 By the Chief Executive Officer RW King 1. " CHILD -FRIENDLY CITY" CONCEPT - WHERE TO FROM HERE Councillors will recall that on 22 June Council resolved to • Receive the "Mark Blumsky " report • Request from the Chief Executive a scoping study as to how a "Child- Friendly City" programme could be initiated by the Council in partnership with other community organisations and agencies in Invercargill. On 3 August Council received a report from the Chief Executive but asked for further options to be prepared, in particular in relation to how consultation could be carried out using local resources. Some councillors wanted more `flesh' around the concept and what it might mean for Invercargill. Response to the concept: The concept has `resonated', locally, nationally and internationally. has been both supportive and critical. Reaction In particular: • There has been a considerable volume of correspondence to His Worship the Mayor, often from school groups, supporting the concept and offering their own suggestions as to projects which may be incorporated within it. • There has also been a significant amount of correspondence from people within New Zealand and also internationally, applauding the initiative and offering further perspectives. Some significant publications have been forwarded in support of these comments. • In relation to "Invergiggle" the resonation has been more of a `dis-chord' and with the wisdom of hindsight it was one of the 50 or so ideas which could have been culled from the initial report. However, by trade-marking "Invergiggle" we have at least stopped anyone else mis-using the term. • "Invergiggle" possibly skewed results from a phone-in survey conducted by the Southland Times, which showed more against the child-friendly concept than for it. • The "Child-Friendly City" concept has perhaps been identified too closely with Mark Blumsky. If it is to proceed, it needs to be adopted and owned by the Invercargill community. • There is a groundswell of opinion that would rather see the concept with a slightly different name, so as to include the "youth" who do not see themselves as "children". 25

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