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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

How we can put more

How we can put more "flesh" around the concept: A preliminary categorisation and assessment of the concepts suggested by Mark Blumsky and the further concepts that have been submitted to date could be done. As suggested in my report of 3 August , this could be on the basis of: • Physical/developmental (i.e. things that could be built) • Institutional (i.e. identifying initiatives already in place and helping to `package' them) • Events (i.e. things that could be organised and/or run) • One-off initiatives (i.e. `fun' things that may cost little but could be enjoyed by the community) • Community development ( i.e. assisting organisations already in the business with initiatives that are specifically child-friendly.) The assessment would take the form of a reality check - • What is the time frame? • How much would it cost (and who might pay?) • What are the implications • Overall, how sensible/feasible is the idea? It is expected that this work could comprise an initial meeting of a small 'steering' group of councillors and potential stakeholders to agree on the criteria . The analysis could be carried out by Ms Napper and Mr Watt. The group would meet again to review the conclusions prior to the report being submitted to Council. Consultation: Further consultation could wait until this preliminary categorisation and assessment has been completed and could be incorporated in the series of community/council clinics planned for February-March 2011. In addition, consultative meetings would be sought with those likely to be major stakeholders. Costs: The direct costs of the initial categorisation and assessment are confined to the time spent by Mr Watt and Ms Napper on the project - probably in the order of 150 - 200 hours total - and have already been budgeted within their respective cost centres.

Recommendation: It is recommended that: a) A small steering group be set up comprising two Councillors with authority to co-opt. b) Ms Napper and Mr Watt be asked to work with that group in compiling a preliminary categorisation and assessment of the ideas in the report prepared by Mark Blumsky and also those submitted by the community to date. c) This group aim to report to the new Council at its December 2010 meeting. Report prepared by: W J Watt William J Watt Consulting Ltd

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