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14 September 2010

14 September 2010


SPECIAL FUNDS AND SEPARATE ACCOUNTS OF INVEF BALANCE Description 30/06/2009 LIBRARY BOOK FUND 60,605 MUSEUM RESERVE 56,178 POOLS FACILITIES FUND 75,446 DONOVAN PARK RSERVE-PARKS 74,156 ANDERSON PARK ART GALLERY 10,420 CIVIL DEFENCE FUND 16,041 GENERAL : Amenities 292,845 BUSINESS UNIT RESERVE-PARKS 753,453 BUSINESS UNIT RESERVE FUND-WORKS 1,077,484 W & S MAPS & PLANS RESERVE 129,325 ACTIVATED CARBON RESERVE 104,598 MYROSS BUSH DRAINAGE 1,747 MAKAREWA DRAINAGE 1,383 DOG CONTROL RESERVE 170,492 LIQUOR LICENCING 1,036 E & P MAPS & PLANS RESERVE 124,725 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING FUND 4,182 DISTRICT PLAN RESERVE 57,523 E & P LEGAL FEES RESERVE 72,731 E & P ENVIRONMENT COURT RESERVE 120,609 BURSARY & TRAVEL AWARD FUND 205 ACC RELATED FUNDS 11,941 ELECTION RESERVE 15,021 LTCCP Corporate Planner (70,000) BLUFF & SANDY POINT FORESTRY - PARKS (81,293) ILT School Swim Lessons 13,626 VALUATION APPEAL RESERVE 30,686 Valuation Reserve (rolling reserve) 137,000 PASSENGER TRANSPORT RESERVE (3,159) TOTAL MOBILITY RESERVE 9,464 PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES 7,987 GENERAL: Financial 2,690,764 BLUFF DEVELOPMENT RESERVE 37,062 BLUFF COM. BD RATING RESERVE 18,548 OTATARA STREET TREE RESERVE 10,707 GENERAL : Financial (Community board ) 66,317 GENERAL RESERVE (1,917) GENERAL : General (1,917) Awarua Industrial Development Reserve (1,967,225) GENERAL : (Economic Growth ) (1,967,225) WASTENET 325,854 WASTENET 325,854 SUBTOTAL 20,092,840 C:\Documents and Settings\deanj\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Special Funds 30 06 2009(Summarised at Jun10).xis 30.06.09(revised@Junl0 SUMMARY) 03/09/10,11:43 a.m.

Report to Council Tuesday 14 September 2010 By the Acting Director of Works and Services T N Greenwood 1. ADOPTION OF A PROCUREMENT STRATEGY FOR ROADING The Land Transport Management Act requires that procurement procedures used by Approved Organisations ie Road Controlling Authorities be designed to obtain best value for money. Section 25 of the Act notes that: â â â â â New Zealand Transport Agency will provide support and advice to Approved Organisations in establishing and maintaining a strategy for procurement. Approved Organisations must have an approved procurement strategy. Regard must be given to desirability of enabling fair competition that encourages fair competition and efficient markets. Outputs must be purchased from external providers except for minor or ancillary works undertaken by an internal business unit. An Approved Organisation is not compelled to accept lowest price proposals such that they may reinforce the value for money concept. An adopted strategy must be in place prior to 1 October 2010 to continue to receive New Zealand Transport Agency funding. Accordingly a Procurement Strategy for Financial Assisted Land Transport Activities has been prepared. A draft document was sent to New Zealand Transport Agency for their preapproval and endorsement which has been received (Appendix 1). The Procurement Strategy is appended (Appendix 2). It should be noted that there is an intention through the Improvement Plan 6.6 to review the strategy for appropriateness for procuring all services within Council. It is recommended: That the Invercargill City Council Procurement Strategy for Financial Assisted Land Transport Activities August 2010 be adopted by Council for procurement of services for land transport activities. 3

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