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14 September 2010

14 September 2010


2. INVERCARGILL WALKING AND CYCLING STRATEGY 2010 - DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION The Invercargill Walking and Cycling Strategy 2010 draft for consultation has been developed. "An Invercargill with safe, pleasant and healthy outcomes for those who walk or cycle" is the vision of this strategy. The draft Strategy has been developed for the Invercargill community showing how Council will encourage walking and cycling in the district. For the purpose of the Strategy, "walking" covers a range of activities rather than just travel by foot. Here, those who "walk" (pedestrians) are all those who travel on footpaths, including those who use non-motorised small-wheeled devices (for example wheelchairs, skateboards and push scooters), those pushing prams or riding on mobility scooters, as well as all those who walk in the conventional sense. We recognise pedestrians including joggers, the young and the not-so-young, and those who have varied abilities and needs. A stakeholder group initially met to assist in the development of the Strategy and identified the following key "drivers" (or reasons) for providing the Strategy. A strategy: â â â â â â â â â Provides parameters within which to operate. Provides a recognised structure. Aids in developing links with other networks and organisations. Is required for New Zealand Transport Agency funding assistance. Provides for forward planning. Provides context to develop a safer roading network for all road users. Promotes transport mode shifts, giving residents choices in how they travel. Promotes the environmental (air, quality, noise reduction) and social (health, increased personal interaction on the street) benefits of walking and cycling. Promotes the economic (lower travel costs) benefits of walking and cycling. 2.1 Statement of Proposal Summary Consultation on the draft Strategy requires Council to use the Special Consultative Procedure set out in the Local Government Act 2002. This involves advertising the draft Strategy for submission, consider submissions and adopt a revised Strategy. A copy of the Statement of Proposal and Summary of Information is attached (Appendix 3). It is recommended: That the Special Consultative Process be used to consult on the Invercargill Walking and Cycling Strategy 2010 as contained in Appendix 1. The proposal would be publicly notified on 18 September 2010 with the submission period closing on 22 October 2010. Submissions are proposed to be heard on 9 November 2010 and a Council decision on 23 November 2010. The reviewed draft should be able to be operative from 27 November 2010.

Appendix 1 7 7 September 2010 Tom Greenwood NZ TRANSPORT AGENCY WAKA KOTAHI Roading and Solid Waste Manager Invercargill City Council Private Bag 901 04 Invercargill 9840 Level 1, AA Centre 450 Moray Place PO Box 5245 Moray Place Dunedin 9058 New Zealand T 64 3 951 3009 F 64 3 951 3013 www.nzta Dear Tom Endorsement of Invercargill City Council's Procurement Strategy (Financially Assisted Land Transport Activities) I am pleased to inform you that I have endorsed Council's Procurement Strategy (Financially Assisted Land Transport Activities). Council is to be congratulated on the quality of its Procurement Strategy. The document is appropriate to the scale and complexity of Council's professional services, physical works and public transport procurement programme and demonstrates an excellent understanding of the supplier market and strategic procurement. Yours sincerely Bruce Richards Regional Director Otago & Southland 3i