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14 September 2010

14 September 2010

Approximately 170 young

Approximately 170 young Southlanders aged between 12 and 24 from secondary schools, training providers and Councils from around the region attended the forum. The MC for the event was Auckland-based comedian Ben Hurley, and the motivational speaker on youth and leadership was Marcus Akuhata-Brown. Leadership workshops were run by Bobbi Brown and Mary-Jane Thomas, after which the attendees were asked to take part in one of fourteen breakout groups to discuss one of the seven Our Way Southland community outcomes, together with key regional youth issues. A final vote by the attendees (three votes each) on the issues identified by the breakout groups produced the following short-list of key regional issues for Southland youth: We don' t have a lot to do at Night (weekends etc) Foster a Love of Learning and a want for knowledge will follow Police - positive relationships with Youth Peer Pressure SOUTHLAND ECONOMY We have great organisations, industries and facilities Motivational Speakers for Third and Fourth Formers SOUTHLAND IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE BECAUSE... SOUTHLAND -A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATRE Raising Awareness - Public speakers in schools Council/Community continue supporting ZERO Fees A group of ' supervisors ' that can be called upon to control and help the youth. Trusted, well known 'adult' figures 61 Votes 53 Votes 26 Votes 21 Votes 21 general votes 21 Votes 19 Votes 10 general votes 2 general votes 11 votes 11 Votes 11 Votes 10 votes A youth-friendly report on the forum, the short-list of key issues, and options for addressing these issues is now in preparation. A regional youth focus group will shortly be convened by Our Way Southland, with the assistance of Southland Youth Workers, to identify how best to address the key issues identified at the forum. Further consultation with disaffected youth who were not represented at the forum will also be undertaken by Our Way Southland. Our Way Southland is separately liaising with the Western Southland Youth Needs Focus Group, facilitated by Venture Southland, which is developing a coordinated community approach to the youth needs in Western Southland identified in the 2009 Western Southland Youth Needs Analysis research report. Southland Quality of Life Survey : A regional Quality of Life telephone survey of 1,520 people was conducted in May 2010 by Research First Limited of Christchurch. The survey used a questionnaire based on that used for the www.bigcities. govt. nz project, covering perceptions of quality of life with regards to local and national social, economic and environmental conditions. The Southland regional survey used a modified questionnaire, in order to better capture trends at a regional and local level, and incorporate both rural and urban perspectives. The Executive Summary of this report is attached, which concludes that 91 % of Southlanders consider that they have a 'good ' or 'extremely good' quality of life compared with the 90% of New Zealanders surveyed for the New Zealand 12 Cities Quality of Life report, and that this 'key result reflected a trend across many indices measured .' Other key findings include: Southland residents are proud of, and connected to their communities Southlanders have a favourable work/ life balance Southlanders generally feel safe, and are trusting Southlanders are generally healthy

Southlanders are satisfied with their leadership Southlanders are satisfied with the condition of their environment Southlanders feel there is some level of cultural diversity within the region Printed copies of the full report will be available shortly, and it will also be available in electronic format from the Our Way Southland web site. Dr Aaron Fox Community Outcomes Regional Coordinator Our Way Southland 20 August 2010 Executive Summary The New Zealand 12 Cities Quality of Life report identified that 90% of New Zealanders believe they have a `good' or'extremely good' quality of life. Detail from the Southland Quality of Life report demonstrates more Southlanders (91 %) believe they have this level of quality of life than the national average. This key result reflected a trend across many indices measured: Southland residents are proud of, and connected to their communities • Nearly three quarters of respondents agreed that they feel a sense of pride in the way their location looks and feels; • Over three-quarters of respondents noted that community was important to them. A similar number identified strong family connections, with over half identifying strong connections to school or work colleagues; • Similarly, over 80% of residents rarely or never feel lonely; and over 95% have access to personal support. • Residents generally acknowledge they feel safe in most circumstances. Perceptions of safety are higher than those identified nationally; • Nine out of ten Southlanders identified that they were happy or very happy; • 60% identified their sense of happiness and wellbeing was influenced by the Southland environment. Southlanders generally feel safe , and are trusting • When considering safety in various circumstances, over 80% of Southland residents feel very safe in their homes, the neighbourhood, and their city or town. Over half of Southlanders feel safe in their neighbourhood or town/ city after dark; • Similarly, four out of five Southlanders felt that it was safe for children under 14 to play without supervision; • Southlanders rating of trust of other people was higher than the national average, with three quarters responding that people could be trusted `almost always' or `usually'; • The major public issues that concern Southlanders are similar to those affecting the New Zealand population as a whole, with dangerous and/ or drink driving, rubbish and litter, pollution, vandalism and car theft being the leading issues identified.

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