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Download the full pack - Farm Africa

Download the full pack - Farm Africa

Here are some great

Here are some great ideas for ways to make your Great African Welly Walk even more of an event. Combine as many ideas as you like to make a whole welly day of it! BOOTIFUL BAKES Pop some boot-shaped biscuits in the oven or make fairy-cakes and draw a picture of a welly with icing. Your class could bring some in from home or make them at school and sell them to each other at lunchtime. WELLY WANGING Who can throw their wellies the furthest? Parents could get involved too. Ask them to pay 50p for three throws. BOOT SALE Have a ‘bring and buy’ sale at lunchtime, when pupils can bring in old toys, books and bric-a-brac and sell them in aid of Farm Africa. WELLY-WEARING DAY Have a non-uniform day when pupils can wear their wellies to school in exchange for a small donation. RAINBOW WELLIES Bring out the glitter glue, stickers, finger paints and a dash of inspiration. Who can decorate their wellies the best? If you prefer, you can simply download some welly templates from and decorate them instead. Why not ask the children to donate to take part and even hold an exhibition afterwards? FILL YOUR BOOTS Why not put a welly in each classroom as a collection box, and see if you can fill it with small change? “The toddlers really enjoyed themselves jumping up and down in the gardens and two of them thought it would be a nice idea to have a picnic. We showed them pictures of people in Africa and they’re beginning to appreciate that other people have so little.” Ann Broxham, St George’s ‘Play and Pray’ group If you need any help or advice about fundraising, get in touch. Just give us a call on 020 7430 0440 or email us at Registered charity no. 326901

Name of welly walker _______________________________ Target number of miles ______________________________ Families in rural Africa are going hungry because they aren’t able to grow enough food. To help them transform their lives and grow a future free from hunger, I’m doing a sponsored walk in my wellies for Farm Africa on ....……………….. My welly miles and all the welly miles of everyone who joins in, all over the UK, will be added together and we’ll see how far we’ve walked. We’re hoping to get all the way to see Willi and Elizabeth in Kitui, Kenya, and back – a total of 8,550 miles! PLEASE SPONSOR ME TO DO THE GREAT AFRICAN WELLY WALK! Name of sponsor Contact details Pledge per mile Total Tick if paid Please collect up all your sponsorship money and give it to your welly walk organiser to send in together with the donation form. Please remember that children should only collect sponsorship money from people they know. Registered charity no. 326901

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