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Download the full pack - Farm Africa

Download the full pack - Farm Africa

Please detach, photocopy

Please detach, photocopy and share YOUR SCHOOL CAN HELP MORE FARMERS LIKE WILLI MULLWA GIVE THEIR CHILDREN A BETTER CHANCE IN LIFE Stephen, Anastasia and Samuel (pictured below) are reliant on the crops that their parents, Willi and Elizabeth, grow to survive. In the field behind them you can see maize growing – a popular food crop in Kenya where they live. However frequent droughts mean that they harvest very little, so they often have no choice but to rely on food aid to survive. All this is set to change. Farm Africa has been teaching Willi and Elizabeth about which crops can survive the very dry conditions, and giving them the seeds they need to grow them. At a Farmer Field School near their house they have also been learning new farming methods. All this means that they can look forward to a much larger harvest – and a future free from hunger for their children. By taking part in this year’s Great African Welly Walk you will be helping more parents provide for their hungry children, and even earn enough money to buy the uniforms and books they need to attend school. Hundreds more families need your help right now Please join the Great African Welly Walk this year and help more parents like Willi and Elizabeth end hunger and grow a better future for their children. “WE STRUGGLE A LOT, BUT WE HAVE COURAGE.” Willi Mullwa, Kitui, Kenya

Registered charity no. 326901 Schools, web donation OUR SCHOOL IS GIVING HUNGER THE BOOT! Why not pay your sponsorship online? Go to School name Amount raised £ Welly miles walked miles We enclose a cheque/PO/CAF voucher made payable to Farm Africa OR We would like to pay by credit/debit card (details below) Please debit my Mastercard/Visa/CAF Charity Card/Maestro (Please circle) Name Card no. (Maestro only) Valid from / Expiry date / Issue no. (Maestro only) Signature Email Date We would like to email you to let your school know how you are changing lives in Africa. If you would like to hear from us, please fill in your email address above. You can unsubscribe at any time. AND HERE’S OUR FEEDBACK How did you hear about Give Hunger the Boot? Received a pack in the post Received an email Farm Africa website Social media We have supported before Word of mouth Other ______________________________________ Why did you decide to support Farm Africa this year? (please tick all that apply) We liked the pack We liked the walk idea We liked the other ideas We like the charity We have supported before Other ______________________________________ Which activities did you take part in? (please tick all that apply) The Great African Welly Walk Harvest meal Wear your wellies to school Cake sale Welly collection Welly art ‘Boot’ sale Other ______________________________________ Were our online resources useful? Yes No You can also enter your feedback online. Every reply will be entered into our prize draw! If yes, which ones were the most useful? (please tick all that apply) School lesson plans Assembly ideas Track your miles website Media toolkit PowerPoint presentation Farm Africa video Was there anything that you would have liked that wasn’t provided? ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Do you have any suggestions to improve Give Hunger the Boot? ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Please include a quote that we could use to promote Give Hunger the Boot in 2014 ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Don’t forget to send us your photos! Once your fundraising activities are completed, please fill in this form and return it in the envelope provided to: Freepost RTCT-SUKU-RHRU, Farm Africa, 9th Floor, Bastion House, 140 London Wall, London EC2Y 5DN. Alternatively, you can pay in your sponsorship money online at Thank you – you’re making a real difference to the lives of people in eastern Africa.

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