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Download the full pack - Farm Africa

Download the full pack - Farm Africa


YOUR SCHOOL CAN WALK THE WALK AND HELP FAMILIES IN EASTERN AFRICA TO REAP THE RESULTS Farm Africa is a charity working with families in rural Africa, helping them to grow enough food to feed their families and grow extra food to sell. We believe farmers in Africa can produce enough food to feed everyone who lives there, so we help them increase their harvests and make the most of natural resources like soil and water. Together we can help every farmer grow enough food to provide for their family – forever. You can help Give Hunger the Boot by pulling on your wellies and joining in our Great African Welly Walk! £15 could help provide a set of tools to grow food on hard, sun-baked land – giving African farmers and their families the chance to feed themselves. £30 could help a farmer to sow an acre of land with high-quality seeds for crops that survive even in the driest conditions. £60 could help provide farmers with fruit tree saplings so they have nutritious fruit to feed their children. £100 could help train a group of farmers in new techniques to help their crops thrive. £200 could help provide a community with a drip irrigation system to keep their crops healthy with only a small amount of water. HELP RURAL AFRICAN FAMILIES WORK TOWARDS A FUTURE FREE FROM HUNGER “We are optimistic that one day we will make it in life.” Willi Mullwa, Kitui, Kenya Open now and display your Great African Welly Walk totaliser…

LOOK HOW WE’R JUST GETTING STARTED! GIVE HUNGER THE BOO £(AMOUNT RAISED) FULL STEAM AHEAD £(AMOUNT RAISED) NOW WE’RE MOTORING £(AMOUNT RAISED) Set your fundraising goal by writing it in the yellow star, then assign a value to each welly leading up to the finish. Every time you reach a milestone, ask a pupil to colour in the welly. If you need more wellies just download them from When you’ve finished, simply post us your sponsorship money or pay it online at Don’t forget to tell us the total number of welly miles your school or class walked!

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