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Ecklund 05/2013 - Department of Sociology - Rice University

Ecklund 05/2013 - Department of Sociology - Rice University

2007-2008 Chair,

2007-2008 Chair, Committee on International Relations, Association for the Sociology of Religion 2007 Organizer, Session Panel: “Religion and Science,” American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York, August. 2007 Organizer, Session Panel: “Religion in Asian America: A Review of Recent Books,” Annual Meetings of the Association for Asian American Studies, New York, April. 2006-2008 Membership Committee, Association for the Sociology of Religion 2005 Organizer, Session Panel: “Religion and the Intellect,” Annual Meetings of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Rochester, November. 2005 Organizer, Session Panel: “Religion in the Academy,” Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion, Philadelphia, August. 2005 Selection Committee, Rice University, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2004-2006 Publications Committee, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion 2002-2003 Elected, Graduate Student Representative to Council, American Sociological Association, Religion Section 2002 Organizer, with Wendy Cadge, Session Panel: “The Emergence of Theravada Buddhism in America,” Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Salt Lake City, October. 2000 Nominated Participant, Cornell University Academic Leadership Series Workshop SELECTED NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE OF RESEARCH “Gender Bias and the Sciences,” Huffington Post, November 1, 2012. “Gender Bias Makes Women Choose Careers Outside Hard Sciences” MSN News, October 25, 2012. “Why Women Choose Careers outside the Hard Sciences,” Times of India, October 24, 2012. “New Study of Scientists' Views of Sex Discrimination's Impact,” Inside Higher Ed, October 23, 2012. “Atheist at the Breakfast Table,” Psychology Today, June 16, 2012. “Rice Wins $2M Grant to Study Relationship Between Science, Religion,” Houston Business Journal, January 30, 2012. “Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think,” Examiner, January 22, 2012. “Atheists Report They Are Taking Their Kids to Church,” Beliefnet, December 26, 2011. “Atheism in America,” Sightings, December 12, 2011. “Study: Some Atheists With Children Attend Religious Services,” CNN Belief Blog, December 7, 2011. “Some Atheists Embrace Religion for Kids,” Futurity, December 6, 2011. “Atheist Scientists Sometimes Still Take Kids to Church Believe It Or Not,” Houston Chronicle Blog, December 6. “Why Atheists Celebrate Christmas,” Live Science, December 5, 2011. “Some Atheist Scientists Are Taking Their Children to Church — But Why?” The Blaze, December 5, 2011. “Why Atheists Celebrate Christmas,” Live Science, December 2, 2011. “Rice University: Only a Minority of Scientists Call Religion and Science Irreconcilable,” Beliefnet, September 24, 2011. Elaine Howard Ecklund 20

“How Scientists Settle Conflict Between Religion and Science,” Asian News International, September 22, 2011. “Religion And Science Can Coexist, Scientists Say In New Survey,” The Huffington Post, September 21, 2011. “Being a College Professor Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be,” The Atlantic Wire, August 11, 2011. “Women Scientists Admit, ‘I Wanted More Kids,’” CBS Interactive Business Network, August 11, 2011. “Scientists Want More Children,” The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 9, 2011. “Is Science Incompatible with Family?” The Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2011. “Scientists: We Want More Children,” Time Magazine, August 9, 2011. “The Children they Never Had,” Inside Higher Ed, August 9, 2011. “Cutting Back on Family Aspirations,” Science Mag, August 9, 2011. “More Than One in Five Atheist Scientists are Also Spiritual,” The Houston Chronicle, May 9, 2011. “Scientific Caution is Needed on Atheism Debate,” The Guardian, April 15, 2011. “Faith and the Cosmos,” American Magazine, April 4, 2011. “Why University Scientists Do Not Discuss Religion,” The Huffington Post, January 25, 2011. “The Top 10 Religion Books of 2010: Science Vs. Religion,” The Huffington Post, December 18, 2010. “A Sociologist and a Journalist Assess How Science and Religion Get Along,” AAAS, December 15, 2010. “Ideas Calendar: What do Scientists Believe,” Wall Street Journal, December 11, 2010 “Coverage on Ecklund’s Talk for the Faith Angle Forum,” USA Today, November 22, 2010. “Will Science Trump Religion, Answer How we should Live?” USA Today, November 18, 2010. “Science and Religion Aren’t Friends,” USA Today, October 11, 2010. “Babies Make Everything Better,” Texas Monthly, October 2010. “Science and religion: Is the debate real?” College News, September 30, 2010. “Book of the Week: Science Vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think,” The Times Higher Education, September 16, 2010. “Dads in Study Regret Small Families More than Moms,” AOL News, September 5, 2010. “Chinese Christians: Leading the Way in Reconciling Our Religious and Scientific Selves,” Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, The Huffington Post, August 27, 2010. “Parenthood Gaps and Premiums,” Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, August 16, 2010. “Christian Academics Cite Hostility on Campus,” All Things Considered, National Public Radio, August 1, 2010. “Arizona Churches Mobilize Against Immigration Law,” National Public Radio, August 1, 2010. “My 10 Must-Read Books for Summer and Fall,” Elizabeth Bennett, CultureMap Houston, June 18, 2010. “Science, Civil Dialogue and Religion,” Alan I. Leshner (CEO of AAAS), Washington Post, June 16, 2010 and Huffington Post, June 15, 2010. “United States: Religious and Spiritual Scientists Defying Religion-Science Feud,” Richard Cimino, Religioscope: Religion Watch, June 14, 2010. “Wilson's Bookmarks: Book review,” John Wilson, Christianity Today, May 17, 2010. “Are Scientists Really Anti-Religious?” John Templeton Foundation Report, May 12, 2010. “How Religious are Scientists,” Chris Mooney, Point of Inquiry, May 7, 2010. “Ecklund Vs. Larson & Witham on Religion Among Academic Scientists,” Chris Mooney, Discover Magazine, The Intersection, May 3, 2010. “Announcing My Next Point of Inquiry Guest: Elaine Ecklund,” Chris Mooney, Discover Magazine, The Intersection, May 1, 2010. “Science Vs. Religion: What Do Scientists Say?” Rod Dreher, Beliefnet, April 30, 2010. “Are Top Scientists Really So Atheistic? Look at the Data,” Chris Mooney, Discover Magazine, The Intersection April 13, 2010. “Response: Religious Absence,” Houston Chronicle Op-Ed: Letters April 12, 2010. “What Scientists Really Think About Religion,” Science + Religion Today, April 12, 2010. “Should God Attend Chemistry Class?” Chronicle of Higher Education, April 8, 2010. “Can a Science-Minded Child Be Raised Religious?” Huffington Post, January 19, 2010. Elaine Howard Ecklund 21

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