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Proper LP Inspection - Texas Onsite Wastewater Association

Proper LP Inspection - Texas Onsite Wastewater Association

Travis County Method

Travis County Method (~1999) • Develop ‘system head loss’ for each group • Use flow rate below previous estimate, calculate friction losses from pump to first trench • Use 1.2 times pipe length or determine equivalent pipe length for each fitting, valve, etc. • If automatic index valve used, determine loss at the trial flow rate • Add the fixed head losses to determine the total dynamic head (TDH) • Repeat for estimated flow rate and rate higher than estimated. • Plot points on pump curve to develop system curve for each trench group • Intersection of system curve and pump curve is the balance point • Represents ACTUAL FLOW and TDH experienced by the system

Travis County Method (~1999) • Use balance point (flow rate) to determine ideal flow rate per foot • Divide flow rate for each group by total linear foot • Use flow rate per foot multiplied by each trench length for ideal flow per trench Known information to this point (flow rate, ideal flow rates, starting head, etc) can be used to begin a group table with details for each trench • Starting at highest trench, use an extrapolated formula or graph for orifice flow (hole) for head pressure • Divide the ideal flow for the trench by the hole flow and round to nearest whole number • Multiple number of holes by the hole flow rate to determine trench flow rate • Subtract trench flow rate from total flow rate to determine the bypass flow rate that will flow to subsequent trenches • Select manifold size to next trench and use the bypass flow and distance to next laterals to determine friction loss (additional 0.5’ can be added to length to account for tee splitting flow) • Available head to subsequent trench can be determined by add the drop in elevation from previous trench to head and subtracting the friction head loss in the manifold • Repeat process until last trench; the remaining flow should be nearly the ideal flow

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