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Proper LP Inspection - Texas Onsite Wastewater Association

Proper LP Inspection - Texas Onsite Wastewater Association

Disclaimer • Any

Disclaimer • Any opinions expressed here are strictly those of Brandon Couch and not necessarily those of Travis County; Texas Environmental Health Association; Texas On-site Wastewater Association, TCEQ; any persons known or unknown who may relate, contribute, agree, disagree, or ignore the opinion presented; or any person viewing this message. • All information presented is provided without any warranty to its correctness. The material presented reflects Brandon Couch's best judgment in light of the information available to him at the time of its preparation. Any use which a third party makes of these materials, on any reliance on or decision to be made based on it, are the responsibility of such third parties. Brandon Couch accepts no responsibility for damages, if any, suffered by any third party as a result of decisions made or actions based on these materials.

Introduction of Presenter • Brandon Couch, R.S. • Designated Representative for Travis County Transportation & Natural Resources (TNR), Development Services, On-site Wastewater Group • OSSF designs since 1998

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