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SHIELDS M. Carolyn3.pdf

Whether we like it or

Whether we like it or not, public education is a political enterprise and is washed in and blown by the waves and winds of political opinion. Critiques of social justice are, therefore, more ideological than political. They serve to remind us of the importance of dialogue, not about whether schools should be political, but about what kind of political stance should be taken by public education. The data from this study suggest clearly that to take a position for social justice is, in no way, to take a position against academic achievement. Instead, they are and must continue to be inextricably linked if we are to create the conditions under which all children may attain high academic standards. We must resist appeals to reject social justice in favor of rigorous academic standards, for they can and must go hand in hand. Shields, Social Justice, CCEAM, 8/29/2006, p. 14

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