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Installation and User Guide - Algo Communication Products

Installation and User Guide - Algo Communication Products

Save Modes Recording

Save Modes Recording Indication and Confirmation Client Call Recorder provides several visual (flashing) indicators to confirm that call recording is active. These are: • The Power indicator light on the AuxBox • The Client Call Recorder system tray icon • The telephone Status icon in the Current Call section of the Call List View of the Client Call Recorder Manual Save Mode Confirmation of Completed Recording In Manual Save mode, recording indicators will not flash when the call is in progress until a Save Hot Key is pressed. Once a recorded call is completed, a balloon message connected to the system tray recording icon will briefly display, confirming that the call was recorded, as well as providing details of the call. Information balloons display in Client Call Recorder by default. These can be turned off by changing the system tray icon settings (Tools>Options>System Tray Icon). Note that turning off the system tray icon will prevent the display of this confirmation message. Client Call Recorder Installation and User Guide 7

Software Overview Software Overview Client Call Recorder is made up of two different program components: 1. Interface program 2. Recording system Interface Program The Client Call Recorder Interface is the main program you, the user, will see and interact with. It is where you can set system parameters, and perform such functions as accessing, editing and emailing call record data, creating reports, and starting or stopping the Recording system. Depending on how you or your business operates, you may use the Client Call Recorder Interface constantly, occasionally, or hardly at all. Language Selection Views The Client Call Recorder Interface is available in English and French. Language selection is made by clicking View>Language from the main menu. The Client Call Recorder Interface has three views: Call List (default view) Call Statistics Call Finder You can move between these views by clicking the view icons located near the top right of the software screens. 8

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