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Installation and User Guide - Algo Communication Products

Installation and User Guide - Algo Communication Products

Software Overview

Software Overview Toolbars and Menus In all three views, the Client Call Recorder Interface contains a main menu and toolbar at the top of the program window. A context (right-click) menu is also available in the Call List and Call Finder Views when a call record is selected. Menu Bar Toolbar Function buttons View buttons Context menus Startup To start the Client Call Recorder Interface, do one of the following: • Double-click the Client Call Recorder icon on the desktop • Choose Start>Programs>Client Call Recorder • Double-click the system tray icon (or right-click the icon, then choose Open Client Call Recorder) Recording System The Recording system is the background functionality of the Client Call Recorder program. When active, it operates continuously - whether you access the Interface program or not. In the background, it performs (depending on the system settings) such actions as: • Automatically recording and logging calls • Receiving Phone Hot Key commands and performing associated functions (saving or protecting call records) • Automatically filtering calls • Logging call activity, and • Automatically deleting calls Client Call Recorder Installation and User Guide 9

Software Overview The Recording system can be turned on or off through the Client Call Recorder Interface (Tools>Recording System Commands) or by rightclicking the system tray icon (if enabled) and choosing Shut down recording. Note that exiting the Client Call Recorder Interface does NOT shut down the recording system. 10

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