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Installation and User Guide - Algo Communication Products

Installation and User Guide - Algo Communication Products

Configuring Client Call

Configuring Client Call Recorder (Options Description) Missed Calls Client Call Recorder will generate a missed call record whenever the telephone rings but is not picked up. This record stores the time of the call and Caller ID information. You can choose to have Client Call Recorder log missed calls or not. A log of missed calls can be very useful to gauge telephone activity. The Missed Call Delay setting can be adjusted to match the ring cadence of the phone system used. Adjust the detection delay if missed calls are generating multiple records. Email Allows you to automatically include Email signature text into any emails sent from Client Call Recorder. This option also allows you to disable the default “Algo Recorded” message displayed in the emails. Client Call Recorder Installation and User Guide 29

Configuring Client Call Recorder (Options Description) Date Format Client Call Recorder provides several alternative time and date formats that can be displayed in the program (such as in the Call List View). Choose the desired format from the drop-down box then click OK or Apply. System Tray Icon The Client Call Recorder recording icon in the Windows system tray is enabled by default. It can be hidden, if desired, by unchecking the Enable checkbox. It is also possible to disable the system tray information balloons such as those displayed following the creation of a new call record. Note that disabling the system tray icon also disables the display of information balloons. 30

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