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5.5 initial diagnostic check: efi -

5.5 initial diagnostic check: efi -

A A HOME [79A] 1 2 [79B]

A A HOME [79A] 1 2 [79B] 1 2 CKP R BK System relay Inj. F Inj. R [78] 3 30 12 4 21 19 GN/O W/Y GN/GY AB [84B] [84A] AB AB AB To Tachometer (FLHR/C/S Optional) Y/GN Y/GN Y/GN 15 Amp fuel pump fuse [83B] [83A] Y/GN BE/GY GN/O W/BK BK I Q C P R [13A] [13B] 1 2 3 1 2 3 87 87A 30 85 86 O/GY All Except FLHR/C/S 1 2 3 [62B] 1 2 3 [141B] [141A] System relay Fuel pump Ion sense Coil R Coil F 27 11 29 GY/BE Y/BE BE/O [85B] [85A] A B C D A B C D Coil A B A B BE/GN BN/R 35 36 40 Amp Maxi fuse Intake air control C D C D BK/PK BK/O [87A] [87B] Constant power Switch power 18 17 31 13 BE/GY W/BK Engine stop switch 15 Amp ECM fuse GY 15 Amp IGN fuse R/BK R Ignition switch Battery – + BK TP sensor ET sensor IAT sensor 5v sensor gnd. 24 6 7 26 GY/V PK/Y LT GN/Y BK/W BK/W BK/W [90B] [90A] 1 2 1 2 B B BK/W R/W GY/V A B C A B C [88B] [88A] ET sensor IAT sensor TP sensor To right hand controls GY W/BK W/BN 3 4 5 [22A] MAP sensor 5v sensor pwr. 25 14 V/W R/W [89B] [89A] BK/W V/W R/W [80B] [80A] A B C A B C MAP sensor Vehicle speed sensor 33 W/GN A B C A B C Vehicle speed sensor f2208g8x Serial data Flash pin Power gnd. Power gnd. 5 1 10 28 LT GN/V LT GN/R BK BK [65B] [65A] 3 1 2 4 [91A] Data link connector [30B] [30A] 2 3 2 3 7 7 To speedometer and tachometer TSM/ TSSM Figure 5-2. EFI System Circuit - Simplified 5-4 2004 Touring: Engine Management (EFI)

HOME EFI DIAGNOSTIC INTRODUCTION 5.3 SYSTEM PROBLEMS All system problems fall into at least one of three general categories. No Start The engine cranks over freely, but will not start. This does not include situations where the engine will not crank, such as a security disabled starter, dead battery, etc. This condition assumes that all obvious checks (fuel in tank, etc.) have been made. 50 60 70 40 80 30 90 MPH 20 100 10 110 0 120 CERTIFIED HARLEY-DAVIDSON 10 20 0 40 30 50 RPMx100 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Poor Performance The engine starts but there are performance problems. These problems may include poor fuel economy, rough idle, engine misfire, engine hesitation, severe spark knock, etc. Check Engine Lamp f2160x8x Check Engine Lamp Figure 5-3. Speedometer See Figure 5-3. The check engine lamp indicates the ECM has determined a fault condition exists. There may also be starting or performance problems. RESOLVING PROBLEMS To resolve system problems, five basic steps are involved. In order of occurrence, they are: 1. Check for diagnostic trouble codes by using speedometer self diagnostics. See 5.4 CHECKING FOR DIAG- NOSTIC TROUBLE CODES: EFI. 2. Retrieve diagnostic trouble codes by using speedometer self diagnostics. See 5.6 SPEEDOMETER SELF DIAG- NOSTICS. 3. Diagnose system problems. This involves using special tools and the diagnostic flow charts in this section. 4. Correct problems through the replacement and/or repair of the affected components. 5. After repairs are performed, the work must be validated. This involves clearing the trouble codes and confirming proper vehicle operation as indicated by the lack of trouble codes. 2004 Touring: Engine Management (EFI) 5-5

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