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5.5 initial diagnostic check: efi -

5.5 initial diagnostic check: efi -

HOME f2208n8x [78] Y/GN

HOME f2208n8x [78] Y/GN BE/GY GN/O W/BK I Q C P R 87 87A 30 85 86 [62B] System relay System relay Inj. F Inj. R 4 21 19 GN/O W/Y GN/GY AB AB [84B] [84A] AB AB Y/GN Y/GN Y/GN 15 Amp fuel pump fuse [83B] [83A] BK [13A] [13B] 1 2 3 1 2 3 O/GY 1 2 3 All Except FLHR/C/S 1 2 3 [141B] [141A] Fuel pump Ion sense Coil R Coil F 27 11 29 GY/BE Y/BE BE/O [85B] [85A] A B C D A B C D Coil 40 Amp Maxi Fuse 15 Amp ECM fuse R Battery – + Constant power 31 BE/GY Starter Motor BK Switch power 13 W/BK Engine stop switch GY 15 Amp IGN fuse R/BK Ignition switch Power gnd. Power gnd. 10 28 BK BK Figure 5-41. Ignition Coil Circuit Table 5-21. Wire Harness Connectors in Figure 5-41. NO. DESCRIPTION TYPE LOCATION [78] ECM 36-Place Packard Under Right Side Cover [83] Ignition Coil 4-Place Packard Below Fuel Tank (Left Side) 5-60 2004 Touring: Engine Management (EFI)

HOME Test 5.17 (Part 1 of 3) MISFIRE AT IDLE OR UNDER LOAD Is fuel contaminated? YES Drain and flush tank. Refill with fresh fuel. 1 NO Connect breakout box. Check for continuity between terminal 10 of ECM and battery negative and terminal 28 of ECM and battery negative. Resistance should be less than 1 ohm. Is it? YES NO 2 Use spark tester to check cables. Did spark jump tester lead gap? Did it? Locate and repair poor ground connection. YES NO Check for: • Faulty, worn or cracked spark plug(s). • Plug fouling due to engine mechanical fault. • Faulty or poor connection at plug or coil. 3 Check resistance of each spark plug cable that did not fire the spark tester. Also, check for faulty plug cable connections and wires for carbon tracking. Are spark plug cables OK? YES NO 4 Coils should be free of carbon tracking. Are they? Replace faulty spark plug cables. YES NO 2 5 Switch coil with unit known to be good. Re-perform spark test. Did spark jump gap during engine cranking? Replace ignition coil. NO STOP Go to Test 5.17 (Part 2 of 3). YES Original ignition coil is faulty. Replace. 2004 Touring: Engine Management (EFI) 5-61

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