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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Checks and Preparation

Checks and Preparation 2.12 Noise Countermeasures Be sure to connect the chassis GND of the object to be measured. It may become effective by ensuring that the chassis GND wire of the measurement object is connected to a good ground. Measurement object Thermocouple R1 Input terminals + GL900 Vin R2 – Z3 Z1 Z2 Connect the signal chassis GND and the measurement device chassis ground. Use a short, thick lead to connect the chassis GND of the measurement object to the GL900’ chassis GND. It will become even more effective if the ground potentials are the same. Measurement device chassis GL900 GND GND Examples of noise countermeasures If measured values fluctuate due to external noise, the following countermeasures are recommended. (Results may differ depending on the noise type.) Example 1: Connect the GL900's GND to ground. Example 2: Connect the GL900's GND to the measurement target's GND. Example 3: In the AMP Settings menu, set Filter to any setting other than OFF. 2-16

Checks and Preparation 2.13 Setting the Date and Time If you are using the GL900 for the first time, charge the internal rechargeable battery and then make the date and time settings. CAUTION If the GL900 is not used for a period of approximately six months, the internal rechargeable battery may be discharged and the date and time may revert to the initial settings. If this happens, recharge the battery before using the GL900. How to Recharge the Rechargeable Battery Using the AC adapter provided, connect the GL900 to a mains power outlet, turn on the power switch, and then leave the GL900 connected for at least 24 hours. How to Set the Date and Time Press the [MENU] key, display the "OTHR" screen, and then set the date and time at the Date/Time Settings sub-menu. For details, see "Date/Time" on page 3-36. 2-17

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