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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

3 CHAPTER Settings and

3 CHAPTER Settings and Measurement This chapter describes the setting and measurement procedures for the GL900. 3.1 Window names and functions 3.2 Key Operation 3.3 Operation Modes 3.4 Setting Menus 3.5 WEB Server Function

Settings and Measurement 3.1 Window names and functions 1. Simplified message display 2. Time/DIV 3. USB memory access display 4. Internal flash memory access display 5. Key lock lamp 7. Clock lamp 6. Remote lamp 17. Data capture bar 16. Scale upper limit 8. AC/Battery status display 9. Digital display 15. Waveform display 10. Quick settings 14. Scale lower limit 13. File name display 11. Alarm display 12. Pen display 1. Simplified message display Displays the system operation status. : Startup status or data is not being captured : Waiting for generation of a trigger after measurement has started : Waiting for the time set on the timer : Capturing data and replaying captured data : Capturing data to the internal RAM of the GL900 : Capturing data to the internal flash memory of the GL900 : Capturing data to USB memory : Auto-saving data (Data captured in the internal RAM is being saved to the internal flash memory or USB memory.) : Replaying data in the internal RAM of the GL900 : Replaying data in the internal flash memory of the GL900 : Replaying data in USB memory : Waiting for the specified repeat time to elapse * For details on data capture such as timer, trigger, and repeat, see page 3-28. * For details on memory to be used for data capture, see page 3-25. CAUTION Do not turn off the power while the simplified message is "Capturing and Replaying", "Capturing to Internal RAM", "Capturing to Internal Flash Memory", "Capturing to USB Memory", or "Auto Saving" (those with an asterisk (*) in the above list). Otherwise, the captured data will be destroyed. Make sure that the message is completely gone (wait for 2 or 3 seconds) before turning off the power. 2. Time/DIV Displays the current time scale. 3-2

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