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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Settings and Measurement

Settings and Measurement 11. DISPLAY This key is used to switch the window mode. You can switch the window mode during Free Running (when stopped) and Capturing. Pressing this key switches the window display as follows: Displays waveforms and digital values. This is the default screen when the GL900 is powered on. The screen settings can be changed by using the SPAN/TRACE/POSITION key. Displays only waveforms in a magnified view in full screen mode. Displays digital values and calculation results in large text. The calculation settings can be made using the DATA menu. See page 3-23. Press the and keys to change the number of channels displayed. The calculation results are displayed only when the Full Channels + Statistical Calculation Display is selected. For details, see page 3-8. Supports four-channel X-Y display. Any given channels can be specified for X-axis and Y-axis. The settings can be made using the SPAN/ TRACE/POSITION key and the screen can be cleared. For details, see 3-4. For the X-Y Display screen operation, see 3-49. 3-11

Settings and Measurement 12. CURSOR(ALARM CLEAR) This key has different roles in different operation statuses. This key is used to toggle between cursors A and B during replay. • Waveform + Digital Screen Cursor A Cursor B Cursor A Cursor B Cursor A is in blue when selected or in gray otherwise. Cursor B is in red when selected or in gray otherwise. The trigger point is indicated with a green line. • X-Y Display Screen Cursor A Cursor B Cursor A Cursor B When the alarm setting is "Hold generated Alarm", the maintained alarm is cleared. Alarm-generated channels Alarm output terminal status • Black : Alarm is cleared • Red : Alarm is issued 3-12

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