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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Settings and Measurement

Settings and Measurement 13. FILE • Replays data in the internal flash memory and USB memory. • This key is used for operations related to the internal flash memory and USB memory (such as copy and delete) • Saves data in the internal RAM to the internal flash memory and USB memory. • Stops the auto save process in progress. • Overlay X-Y images in the X-Y Display screen. This is the function of displaying a thumbnail-size image of the captured data as a background. For details, see page 3-40. • Copies the window. • Saves the settings currently in use or loads settings. 14. NAVI This key is used to display the key operation content during Free Running, capture, or replay. During display of the NAVI screen, an explanation of how the key is used is displayed in the window. To exit the NAVI screen, press the NAVI key again. • Basic Procedures Used in Settings The following are basic operation procedures for settings. 1. Press the MENU key to open each menu. 2. Use the keys to move the cursor to the items you want to set. 3. Press the ENTER key to display a list of setting values. 4. Use the keys to select a setting value. 5. Press the ENTER key to confirm the value. The above operation is the basic procedure that may be used for each setting. However, precise procedure may vary between setting items. Please follow the procedure indicated by each menu. 3-13

Settings and Measurement 3.3 Operation Modes You can check the system operation status in the simplified message display. Operation Free Running Capturing Capturing and Replaying Replaying Operation Start up status or data is not being captured Data is being captured in the main memory or USB device. Data being captured is being replayed Captured data is being replayed Free Running Operation Capturing to Internal RAM, Capturing to Internal Flash Memory, Capturing to USB memory Capturing and Replaying Replaying from Internal RAM, Replaying from Internal Flash Memory, Replaying from USB Memory Operation status transition [START/STOP] key Free Running [REVIEW] key [REVIEW] key Capturing [QUIT] key [START/STOP] key When capture ends, the screen automatically switches to the replay screen. Replaying * Data cannot be replayed just after power-on or no data has yet been captured. Capturing and Replaying (1) Free Running When in Free Running status, you primarily set up the system to capture data. You can check the current input signal as a waveform or digital values. Operations available during Free Running Measuement parameters settings SPAN/TRACE/POSITION Display mode File operations Replay of last data (captured last time) Data replay The MENU key is used to change various setting items in configuration menus. The SPAN/TRACE/POSITION key is used to change settings. The DISPLAY key is used to change the display mode. The FILE key is used to perform file-related operations. The REVIEW key is used to replay captured data. The FILE key is used to select data that you want to replay and replay it. 3-14

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