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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Settings and Measurement

Settings and Measurement Select [OK] to close the screen. (8) Text Input This menu is used to specify the settings of text input operations such as annotation, EU (scaling) unit and captured data file name input. • Operation Operation mode Description Operation method Text input A Upper case alphabet mode When the cursor key is moved to the uppermost part, a Lower case alphabet mode operation can be selected using the left/right key. 0 Numeric mode After selecting an operation, use the down key to + Symbol mode move the cursor to the desired character. ← Delete mode ↓ Insert mode OK Finalize mode When selecting operation Text used for each operation When you bring the cursor to a character and press ENTER, the character is entered. After you finish entering characters, move the cursor to OK and then press ENTER. 3-43

Settings and Measurement (9) Data Replay Menu When you press the MENU key during replay, the Data Replay Menu is displayed. Setting Selections available Cursor Position Move to First Data Execute Move to Last Data Execute Move to Center Execute Move to Trigger Position Execute Move to Method Position, Time Selected [Position] Position From 0 to Last Data Position For example, the position is up to 9999 ms if the sampling interval is 1 ms, the data capture destination is the internal RAM, and the number of capture points is 10000. [Time] Date From the date of First Data to the date of Last Data Time From the time of First Data to the time of Last Data Cursor Sync Off, On Data Search Level Combination Edge OR, Edge AND Settings Mode Analog : Off, ↑ H, ↓ L, Win In, Win Logic : Off, ↑ H, ↓ L Pulse : Off, ↑ H, ↓ L, Win In, Win Out Level Numeric value setting Alarm CH Off, Output 1, Output 2, Output 3, Output 4 Alarm CH mode ↑ Rising, ↓ Falling Next Search Execute Prev. Search Execute Statistical Calculation Execute Execute between Cursors X-Y Display Settings X-ch CH1 to CH4 (4-channel model) or CH8 (8-channel model) Y-ch CH1 to CH4 (4-channel model) or CH8 (8-channel model) Trace Off, On Execute X-Y for All Data Execute Execute X-Y between Cursors Execute (9)-1 Move to First Data Moves the currently selected cursor (A or B) to the start of the data. (9)-2 Move to Last Data Moves the currently selected cursor (A or B) to the end of the data. (9)-3 Move to Center Moves the currently selected cursor (A or B) to the center of the data. 3-44

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