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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Settings and Measurement

Settings and Measurement 3.5 X-Y Measurement Example (Example 1) Measure the CH1 for X-axis and the CH2 for Y-axis. Measurement examples when specifying CH1 for X-axis and CH2 for Y-axis are described below. Only the X-Y channel 1 is displayed with orange line. (1) Press the DISPLAY key three times to open the X-Y Display screen. (2) Press the TIME/DIV key ( ) several times to make the line color of X-Y channel 1 to orange. CHECKPOINT Note that you can set the colors of the waveforms (colors of X-Y channels) displayed on the X-Y Display screen, but not change those on the Y-T screen. (3) Press the SPAN/TRACE/POSITION key three times to select the TRACE. (4) Press the CH SELECT key to move the cursor to the X-Y channel 2. 3-49

Settings and Measurement (5) Press the k00ey to change the TRACE to OFF. (6) Repeat steps (4) and (5) in the same manner to change the TRACE for X-Y channels 3 and 4 to OFF. (7) Clear the screen just in case. Press the CH SELECT key to move the cursor to the CLEAR and then press the ENTER key. Tip The CLEAR serves a similarly function to paper change for the X-Y recorder (dedicated machine). The paperless GL900-4/8 adopts a means of clearing the waveform on the screen instead of changing recording paper. (8) Press the QUIT key to return to the previous display. Capturing is not yet started. Since the pen has been moved up, yellow dots are moving but the path doesn’t remain on the screen. (9) Press the START/STOP key to start capturing and move down the pen. The dotted path is displayed. 3-50

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