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GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

GL900 USER'S MANUAL - Graphtec

Settings and Measurement

Settings and Measurement (Example 2) Overlay the data on the previously captured data to compare their waveforms. The following is the method to compare waveforms by overlaying data on the previously captured one. This is useful when you want to judge pass/fail by waveform comparison. * Note that this is not the function of pass/fail judgment automatically performed by the GL900-4/8. (1) Press the DISPLAY key three times to display the X-Y Display screen. (2) Call up the past waveform image. Press the FILE key. (3) Press the key to move the cursor over the X-Y overlay image, then press the ENTER key. (4) Press the ENTER key while placing the cursor on the Image Selection key. (5) Move the cursor to the image you want to call up using the and keys. 3-51

Settings and Measurement (6) Press the ENTER key to display the image. CHECKPOINT Note that you can call up an image (background), not data. Even if you try to change some settings such as SPAN after an image is called up, they are not changed. (7) Press the START/STOP key to start capturing. The current image of waveforms is overlaid on the past one. CHECKPOINT At this time, only the current data is in fact captured. 3-52

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