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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...


SYSCTL (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SYSCTL (7) ip.mtudisc If set to 1, enables Path MTU Discovery (RFC 1191). When Path MTU Discovery is enabled, the transmitted TCP segment size will be determined by the advertised maximum segment size (MSS) from the remote end, as constrained by the path MTU. If MTU Discovery is disabled, the transmitted segment size will never begreater than tcp.mssdflt (the local maximum segment size). ip.mtudisctimeout The number of seconds in which a route added by the Path MTU Discovery engine will time out. When the route times out, the Path MTU Discovery engine will attempt to probe a larger path MTU. ip.random_id Assign random ip_id values. ip.redirect If set to 1, ICMP redirects may be sent by the host. This option is ignored unless the host is routing IP packets, and should normally be enabled on all systems. ip.subnetsarelocal If set to 1, subnets are to be considered local addresses. ip.ttl The maximum time-to-live (hop count) value for an IP packet sourced by the system. This value applies to normal transport protocols, not to ICMP. icmp.errppslimit The variable specifies the maximum number of outgoing ICMP error messages, per second. ICMP error messages that exceeded the value are subject to rate limitation and will not go out from the node. Negative value disables rate limitation. icmp.maskrepl If set to 1, ICMP network mask requests are to be answered. icmp.rediraccept If set to non-zero, the host will accept ICMP redirect packets. Note that routers will never accept ICMP redirect packets, and the variable is meaningful on IP hosts only. icmp.redirtimeout The variable specifies lifetime of routing entries generated by incoming ICMP redirect. This defaults to 600 seconds. icmp.returndatabytes Number of bytes to return in an ICMP error message. tcp.ack_on_push If set to 1, TCP is to immediately transmit an ACK upon reception of a packet with PUSH set. This can avoid losing a round trip time in some rare situations, but has the caveat of potentially defeating TCP’s delayed ACK algorithm. Use of this option is generally not recommended, but the variable exists in case your configuration really needs it. tcp.compat_42 If set to 1, enables work-arounds for bugs in the 4.2BSD TCP implementation. Use of this option is not recommended, although it may be required in order to communicate with extremely old TCP implementations. NetBSD 3.0 December 27, 2007 17

SYSCTL (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SYSCTL (7) tcp.cwm If set to 1, enables use of the Hughes/Touch/Heidemann Congestion Window Monitoring algorithm. This algorithm prevents line-rate bursts of packets that could otherwise occur when data begins flowing on an idle TCP connection. These line-rate bursts can contribute to network and router congestion. This can be particularly useful on World Wide Web servers which support HTTP/1.1, which has lingering connections. tcp.cwm_burstsize The Congestion Window Monitoring allowed burst size, in terms of packet count. tcp.delack_ticks Number of ticks to delay sending an ACK. tcp.do_loopback_cksum Perform TCP checksum on loopback. tcp.init_win Avalue indicating the TCP initial congestion window. Ifthis value is 0, an auto-tuning algorithm designed to use an initial window ofapproximately 4K bytes is in use. Otherwise, this value indicates a fixed number of packets. tcp.init_win_local Like tcp.init_win, but used when communicating with hosts on a local network. tcp.keepcnt Number of keepalive probes sent before declaring a connection dead. If set to zero, there is no limit; keepalives will be sent until some kind of response is received from the peer. tcp.keepidle Time a connection must be idle before keepalives are sent (if keepalives are enabled for the connection). See also tcp.slowhz. tcp.keepintvl Time after a keepalive probe is sent until, in the absence of any response, another probe is sent. See also tcp.slowhz. tcp.log_refused If set to 1, refused TCP connections to the host will be logged. tcp.keepinit Timeout in seconds during connection establishment. tcp.mss_ifmtu If set to 1, TCP calculates the outgoing maximum segment size based on the MTU of the appropriate interface. If set to 0, it is calculated based on the greater of the MTU of the interface, and the largest (non-loopback) interface MTU on the system. tcp.mssdflt The default maximum segment size both advertised to the peer and to use when either the peer does not advertise a maximum segment size to us during connection setup or Path MTU Discovery (ip.mtudisc) isdisabled. Do not change this value unless you really know what you are doing. tcp.recvspace The default TCP receive buffer size. NetBSD 3.0 December 27, 2007 18

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