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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

HIER (7)

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) NAME hier —layout of filesystems DESCRIPTION An outline of the filesystem hierarchy. Naming is very important. The UNIX System relies on filename conventions for much of its power as a system. The following file system layout describes generally where things are and what they are, with references to other man pages for more detailed documentation. Not all files will be in every system. / root directory of the system /COPYRIGHT system copyright notice, most often put on CD-ROM distributions. /[a-z]/ /altroot/ /bin/ /boot∗ /dev/ /etc/ user filesystems alternate root filesystem, in case of disaster utilities used in both single and multi-user environments second-stage boot loader(s) for some platforms; see installboot(8) block, character and other special device files MAKEDEV script for creating device files; see makedev(8) console the computer’s console device drum system swap space; see drum(4) fd/ file descriptor files; see fd(4) klog kernel logging device; see syslog(3) kmem kernel virtual memory device; see mem(4) log UNIX domain datagram log socket; see syslogd(8) mem kernel physical memory device; see mem(4) null the null device; see null(4) stderr stdin stdout file descriptor files; see fd(4) tty process’ controlling terminal device; see tty(4) zero the zero device; see zero(4) system configuration files and scripts amd∗ changelist crontab csh.cshrc csh.login csh.logout daily daily.conf defaults/ disktab configuration files for amd(8) files backed up by the security script schedule used by the cron(8) daemon system-wide scripts for csh(1) script run each day by cron(8) configuration file for daily; see daily.conf(5) default configuration files read by various /etc/∗.conf files disk description file, see disktab(5) NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 1

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) dm.conf dumpdates exports fstab ftpusers ftpwelcome gettytab group hosts hosts.equiv hosts.lpd inetd.conf kerberosV/ localtime mail/ mail.rc man.conf master.passwd mk.conf monthly monthly.conf motd mtree/ named.∗ namedb/ netgroup netstart networks passwd phones printcap protocols pwd.db rc rc.conf rc.d/ rc.local rc.shutdown remote security security.conf services shells dungeon master configuration; see dm.conf(5) dump history; see dump(8) filesystem export information; see mountd(8) filesystem information; see fstab(5) and mount(8) users denied ftp(1) access; see ftpd(8) ftp(1) initial message; see ftpd(8) terminal configuration database; see gettytab(5) group permissions file; see group(5) host name database backup for named(8); see hosts(5) trusted machines with equivalent user ID’s trusted machines with printing privileges Internet server configuration file; see inetd(8) configuration files for the kerberos version V; see kerberos(8) local timezone information; see ctime(3) configuration files for sendmail(8) aliases∗ name alias files sendmail.∗ sendmail(8) configuration information system-wide initialization script for mail(1) configuration file for man(1); see man.conf(5) Main password file, readable only by root; see passwd(5) optional file containing make(1) variables, read by pkgsrc and the system sources. script run each month by cron(8) configuration file for monthly; see monthly.conf(5) system message of the day mtree configuration files; see mtree(8) named configuration files and databases; see named(8) network groups; see netgroup(5) network startup script network name data base; see networks(5) World readable password file generated from master.passwd; see passwd(5), pwd_mkdb(8) remote host phone number data base; see phones(5) system printer configuration; see printcap(5) protocol name database; see protocols(5) database form of passwd file; see pwd_mkdb(8) master system startup script invoked by init(8); see rc(8) configuration file for system startup and shutdown scripts; see rc.conf(5) directory containing per-subsystem startup and shutdown scripts; see rc(8) locally editable system startup script master system shutdown script invoked by shutdown(8); see rc(8) remote host description file; see remote(5) daily (in)security script run by cron(8) configuration file for security; see security.conf(5) service name data base; see services(5) list of permitted shells; see shells(5) NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 2

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