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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

HIER (7)

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) /home/ /lib/ /libexec/ /mnt/ /netbsd /rescue/ /root/ /sbin/ /stand/ /tmp/ /usr/ sliphome/ spwd.db syslog.conf termcap ttys uucp/ weekly weekly.conf SLIP login/logout scripts; see sliplogin(8) database form of master.passwd file; see pwd_mkdb(8) syslogd(8) configuration file; see syslog.conf(5) terminal type database; see termcap(3) terminal initialization information; see ttys(5) UUCP configuration files; see uucp(1) and uucico(8). script run each week by cron(8) configuration file for weekly; see weekly.conf(5) mount point for the automounter; see amd(8) dynamic linked libraries used by dynamic linked programs (such as those in /bin/ and /sbin/) that cannot rely upon /usr/lib/ being available. system utilities (such as the dynamic linker) required by programs and libraries that cannot rely upon /usr/libexec/ being available. empty directory commonly used by system administrators as a temporary mount point pure kernel executable (the operating system loaded into memory at boot time). statically linked rescue tools, for use in system recovery home directory for the super-user .cshrc .login .profile .rhosts super-user start-up file super-user start-up file super-user start-up file super-user id mapping between machines system programs and administration utilities used in both single-user and multi-user environments programs used in a standalone environment temporary files, usually a mfs(8) memory-based filesystem (the contents of /tmp are usually not preserved across a system reboot) contains the majority of the system utilities and files X11R6/ bin/ games/ include/ X11 files bin/ include/ lib/ X11 binaries X11 include files X11 libraries common utilities, programming tools, and applications the important stuff standard C include files arpa/ atf/ g++/ machine/ net/ netatalk/ include files for Internet service protocols include files for the Automated Testing Framework; see atf(1) include files for the C++ compiler machine specific include files Cinclude files for AppleTalk protocols miscellaneous network include files; see atalk(4) NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 3

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) lib/ libdata/ libexec/ lkm/ mdec/ obj/ pkg/ pkgsrc/ sbin/ share/ netinet/ netinet6/ netiso/ netkey/ netnatm/ nfs/ protocols/ sys/ ufs/ include files for Internet standard protocols; see inet(4) include files for Internet protocol version 6; see inet6(4) include files for ISO standard protocols; see iso(4) include files for secret key management, used for security protocols; see ipsec(4) Cinclude files for native mode ATM Cinclude files for NFS (Network File System) Cinclude files for Berkeley service protocols system C include files (kernel data structures) Cinclude files for UFS (The U-word File System) archive, profiled, position independent archive, and shared libraries miscellaneous utility data files system daemons & system utilities (executed by other programs) uucp/ UUCP binaries and scripts (historically placed; to be moved) loadable kernel modules boot blocks, etc. architecture-specific target tree produced by building the /usr/src tree; normally a symbolic link or mounted filesystem packages maintained by groups other than the NetBSD Project. bin/ include/ lib/ libdata/ libexec/ sbin/ contributed binaries contributed include files contributed libraries contributed data files contributed daemons contributed system utilities build descriptions ("packages") for the NetBSD packages system. distfiles/ packages/ Where unchanged source archives are fetched to/stored Where compiled binary packages are stored There are also several other subdirectories which contain packages of a certain category, e.g., archivers, graphics, ... system daemons and system utilities (normally executed by the super-user) architecture-independent text files calendar/ dict/ avariety of calendar files; see calendar(1) word lists; see look(1) and spell(1) words web2 papers/ special/ common words words of Webster’s 2nd International reference databases; see refer(1) custom word lists; see spell(1) doc/ miscellaneous documentation; source for most of the printed 4.3BSD manuals (available from the USENIX association) games/ text files used by various games i18n/ internationalization databases; see iconv(3) lkm/ documentation on the loadable kernel modules interface locale/ locale databases and gettext message catalogs; see setlocale(3) and gettext(3) NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 4

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