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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

HIER (7)

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) compat/ mvme68k/ Motorola MVME 680x0-based SBCs mvmeppc/ Motorola PowerPC VME SBCs netwinder/ StrongARM based NetWinder machines news68k/ Sony’s 680x0-based NEWS workstations newsmips/ Sony’s MIPS-based NEWS workstations next68k/ NeXT 68k "black" hardware ofppc/ Open Firmware PowerPC workstations playstation2/ SONY PlayStation 2 pmax/ Digital MIPS-based DECstations and DECsystems powerpc/ PowerPC processor support prep/ PReP (PowerPC Reference Platform) and CHRP machines sandpoint/ Motorola Sandpoint reference platform sbmips/ Broadcom/SiByte evaluation boards sgimips/ Silicon Graphics’ MIPS-based workstations sh3/ SH3/SH4 processor general support shark/ Digital DNARD ("Shark") sparc/ Sun Microsystems SPARC (32-bit) and UltraSPARC (in 32-bit mode) sparc64/ Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC (in native 64-bit mode) sun2/ Sun Microsystems 68010-based Sun 2 architecture sun3/ Sun Microsystems 68020/68030-based Sun 3/3x architecture sun68k/ 680x0-based Sun architecture general support vax/ Digital VAX x68k/ Sharp X680x0 680x0-based workstations x86/ General support for PC/AT compatibles with ia32 or x86_64 CPUs xen/ The Xen virtual machine monitor zaurus/ Sharp C3x00 Arm based PDA kernel compatibility modules directory common/ common compatibility routines, old 4BSD and NetBSD routines. freebsd/ support for FreeBSD binaries; see compat_freebsd(8) hpux/ support for 68000 HP-UX binaries ibcs2/ support for Intel Binary binaries linux/ support for Linux binaries; see compat_linux(8) m68k4k/ netbsd32/ support for 4KB page 68000 binaries support for NetBSD 32-bit binaries on 64 bit platforms with compatible CPU families osf1/ support for Digital UNIX (formerly OSF/1 ) binaries NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 7

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) conf/ crypto/ ddb/ dev/ fs/ gdbscripts/ ipkdb/ kern/ lib/ lkm/ miscfs/ ossaudio/ support for OSS audio pecoff/ support for Win32 binaries; see compat_pecoff(8) sunos/ support for SunOS 4.x binaries; see compat_sunos(8) svr4/ support for System V Release 4 binaries; see compat_svr4(8) ultrix/ support for ULTRIX binaries vax1k/ support for older VAX binaries that started on a1KBboundary architecture independent configuration directory cryptographic kernel source, which may have import or export restrictions in kernel debugger architecture independent device support miscellaneous file systems adosfs/ AmigaDOS file-system support; see mount_ados(8) cd9660/ support for the ISO-9660 filesystem; see mount_cd9660(8) filecorefs/ support for the Acorn RISC OS filecore filesystem; see mount_filecore(8) msdosfs/ MS-DOS file system; see mount_msdos(8) ntfs/ NTFS filesystem support; see mount_ntfs(8) ptyfs/ pseudo-terminal device filesystem; see mount_ptyfs(8) smbfs/ SMB/CIFS filesystem support; see mount_smbfs(8) union/ union file system; see mount_union(8) support for accessing kernel structures from within the debugger gdb(1). support for kernel debugging over the network support for the high kernel (system calls) kernel libraries libkern/ libsa/ libz/ loadable kernel modules compat/ netinet/ vfs/ Clibrary routines used in the kernel machine independent stand alone kernel library compression library LKM support compatibility modules; currently unsupported. LKM support networking modules if_ipl/ miscellaneous file systems LKM for IP-Filter LKM support for file systems. NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 8

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