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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

HIER (7)

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) /var/ tests/ usr.bin/ usr.sbin/ net/ netatalk/ netinet/ netinet6/ netiso/ netkey/ netnatm/ nfs/ stand/ sys/ ufs/ deadfs/ kernel only dead file system fdesc/ file descriptor file system; see mount_fdesc(8) fifofs/ POSIX FIFO support genfs/ kernel only generic file system kernfs/ kernel namespace file system; see mount_kernfs(8) nullfs/ loop back file system; see mount_null(8) overlay/ overlay file system; see mount_overlay(8) portal/ portal file system; see mount_portal(8) procfs/ process file system; see mount_procfs(8) specfs/ kernel only special file system syncfs/ kernel trickle sync algorithm umapfs/ user and group re-mapping file system; see mount_umap(8) miscellaneous networking support AppleTalk networking support IP networking support IPv6 networking support ISO networking support Key database for IPsec networking support ATMnetworking support NFS support kernel standalone support kernel (and system) include files local filesystem support ffs/ the Berkeley Fast File System lfs/ the log-structured file system mfs/ the in-memory file system ufs/ shared UNIX file system support uvm/ UVM virtual memory system source for test programs in /usr/tests source for utilities/files in /usr/bin source for utilities/files in /usr/sbin multi-purpose log, temporary, transient, and spool files account/ at/ backups/ chroot/ crash/ cron/ db/ system accounting files acct execution accounting file; see acct(5) timed command scheduling files; see at(1) miscellaneous backup files, largely of files found in /etc home directories of applications which are run in a chroot(8) “cage”. system crash dumps; see savecore(8) scheduled commands configuration files; see cron(8) miscellaneous automatically generated system-specific database files, and persistent files used in the maintenance of third party software. pkg default location for metadata related to third party software packages. See pkg_install(1) for more details of the NetBSD Packages Collection, or pkgsrc. NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 9

HIER (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual HIER (7) games/ heimdal/ log/ mail/ msgs/ preserve/ quotas/ run/ rwho/ spool/ tmp/ yp/ miscellaneous game status and log files Kerberos 5 KDC database; see kdc(8) miscellaneous system log files amd.∗ daily.out ftp.∗ kerberos.∗ lastlog lpd-errs.∗ maillog.∗ messages.∗ monthly.out secure timed.∗ weekly.out wtmp amd(8) logs output of the last run of the /etc/daily script ftp(1) logs kerberos(8) logs system last time logged in log; see utmp(5) printer daemon error logs; see lpd(8) sendmail(8) log files general system information log output of the last run of the /etc/monthly script sensitive security information log sendmail(8) statistics timed(8) logs output of the last run of the /etc/weekly script login/logout log; see utmp(5) user system mailboxes system messages; see msgs(1) temporary home of files preserved after an accidental death of ex(1) or vi(1) filesystem quota information system information files, rebuilt after each reboot utmp database of current users; see utmp(5) rwho data files; see rwhod(8), rwho(1), and ruptime(1) miscellaneous printer and mail system spooling directories ftp/ mqueue/ news/ output/ postfix/ uucp/ uucppublic/ commonly “˜ftp”, the anonymous ftp root directory; see ftpd(8) sendmail mail queue; see sendmail(8) Network news archival and spooling directories printer spooling directories postfix mail queue; see postfix(1) uucp spool directory commonly “˜uucp”, the uucp public temporary directory; see uucp(1) temporary files that are not discarded between system reboots vi.recover/ recovery directory for new vi(1) Databases and configuration for the NIS (YP) system; see nis(8). SEE ALSO apropos(1), ls(1), whatis(1), whereis(1), which(1) HISTORY A hier manual page appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX. NetBSD 3.0 May 22, 2008 10

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