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INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...

INTRO (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual INTRO (7 ...


SYSCTL (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SYSCTL (7) hw.ncpu (HW_NCPU) The number of CPUs. hw.pagesize (HW_PAGESIZE) The software page size. hw.physmem (HW_PHYSMEM) The bytes of physical memory as a 32-bit integer. hw.physmem64 (HW_PHYSMEM64) The bytes of physical memory as a 64-bit integer. hw.usermem (HW_USERMEM) The bytes of non-kernel memory as a 32-bit integer. hw.usermem64 (HW_USERMEM64) The bytes of non-kernel memory as a 64-bit integer. The kern.∗ subtree The string and integer information available for the kern level isdetailed below. The changeable column shows whether a process with appropriate privilege may change the value. The types of data currently available are process information, system vnodes, the open file entries, routing table entries, virtual memory statistics, load average history, and clock rate information. Second level name Type Changeable kern.argmax integer no kern.autonicetime integer yes kern.autoniceval integer yes kern.boottime struct timeval no kern.bufq node not applicable kern.ccpu integer no kern.clockrate struct clockinfo no kern.consdev integer no kern.cp id struct no kern.cp time uint64_t[ ] no kern.defcorename string yes kern.domainname string yes kern.drivers struct kinfo_drivers no kern.file struct file no kern.forkfsleep integer yes kern.fscale integer no kern.fsync integer no kern.hardclock ticks integer no kern.hostid integer yes kern.hostname string yes kern.iov max integer no kern.job control integer no kern.labeloffset integer no kern.labelsector integer no kern.login name max integer no kern.logsigexit integer yes kern.mapped files integer no NetBSD 3.0 December 27, 2007 3

SYSCTL (7) NetBSD Miscellaneous Information Manual SYSCTL (7) kern.maxfiles integer yes kern.maxpartitions integer no kern.maxphys integer no kern.maxproc integer yes kern.maxptys integer yes kern.maxvnodes integer yes kern.mbuf node not applicable kern.memlock integer no kern.memlock range integer no kern.memory protection integer no kern.monotonic clock integer no kern.msgbuf integer no kern.msgbufsize integer no kern.ngroups integer no kern.ntptime struct ntptimeval no kern.osrelease string no kern.osrev integer no kern.ostype string no kern.pipe node not applicable kern.posix1 integer no kern.posix barriers integer no kern.posix reader writer locks integer no kern.posix semaphores integer no kern.posix spin locks integer no kern.posix threads integer no kern.posix timers integer no kern.proc struct kinfo_proc no kern.proc2 struct kinfo_proc2 no kern.proc args string no node not applicable kern.rawpartition integer no kern.root device string no kern.root partition integer no kern.rtc offset integer yes kern.saved ids integer no kern.securelevel integer raise only kern.synchronized io integer no kern.ipc node not applicable kern.timex struct no kern.tkstat node not applicable kern.urandom integer no kern.version string no kern.vnode struct vnode no kern.argmax (KERN_ARGMAX) The maximum bytes of argument to execve(2). kern.autonicetime (KERN_AUTONICETIME) The number of seconds of CPU-time a non-root process may accumulate before having its priority lowered from the default to the value of KERN_AUTONICEVAL. If set to 0, automatic lowering of priority is not performed, and if set to −1 all non-root processes are immediately lowered. NetBSD 3.0 December 27, 2007 4

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