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here - Able - Annette Johannesen

here - Able - Annette Johannesen

Assignment on Evidence

Assignment on Evidence Based Practice in OT - December 2000 Staff attitudes, social interaction and people with dementia in residential settings skills that ‘embrace psychosocial rehabilitation and therapeutic activities’ (Armstrong, Browne and McAfee 1994). Although the author of this review finds proposed interdisciplinary working with occupational therapists strikingly missing, author at the same time finds it admirably and an example of good ethics in research, that a nurse-journal publish research with such controversial conclusions for its own profession. Future research needs & proposals In the search for evidence it has not been possible to find evidence for the benefit of using occupational therapists in the residential settings for persons with dementia, although occupational therapists are becoming more and more used in these setting as consultants and educators (Johannesen A 1998). The review states a clear need for providing meaningful occupation, stimulating activity and social interaction, but no evidence has been found where occupational therapy was part of the daily programme in residential settings for residents with dementia. The review contains arguments for the need of methodological strong trials within practice in occupational therapy. Postscript: Much good practices in dementia do exist, and it is the hope of the author, that the lack of evidence for well-being in residential settings is mainly caused by the strict inclusion criteria of this review. 14

Assignment on Evidence Based Practice in OT - December 2000 Staff attitudes, social interaction and people with dementia in residential settings LIST OF REFERENCES Annerstedt L, 1995. On group-living care for the demented elderly, Experience from the Malmö Model. Department of Community Health Sciences, Malmö and the Department of Geriatric Psychiatry, Lund University, Sweden Armstrong C A, Browne K D, McAfee J G 1994. Elderly patients: still clean and sitting quietly. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1994, 19, 264-271. Borell L 1993:Aktivering av personer med demenssjukdom sett ur ett arbetsterapeutiskt perspektiv (activitation of person with dementia - an Occupational Therapy perspective) FoU-raport nr 6,1993, Förbundet Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter Box 760, 131 24 Nacka Sweden Cohen-Mansfield J & Werner P 1997. Management of Verbally Disruptive Behaviors in Nursing Home Residents. Journal of Gerontology; MEDICAL SCIENCES 1997, Vol. 52A, No 6, M369- M377 Forbes D A 1998. Strategies for managing behavioural symptomatology associated with dementia of the Alzheimer type: a systematic overview. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 30 (2), pp 67- 86 Hallberg I R, Norberg A Eriksson S 1990. A comparison between the care of vocally disruptive patients and that of other residents at psychogeriatric wards. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1990, 15, 410-416 15

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