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here - Able - Annette Johannesen

here - Able - Annette Johannesen

Assignment on Evidence

Assignment on Evidence Based Practice in OT - December 2000 Staff attitudes, social interaction and people with dementia in residential settings Hansen G, Bennedsen I, 1996. Ældreboligen blev et moderne alderdomshjem (Pensioner’s flats became a modern Nursing Home). Landsforeningen af Forsorgsledere. Bredballe byvej 63, 7120 Vejle Ø Hasselkus B R, 1998. Occupation and Well-Being in Dementia: The Experience of Day-Care Staff. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1998, Volume 52(6), 423- 434. Heap K 1990 Samtalen i Eldreomsorgen, ( Communication in elderly care ) Kommuneforlaget A/S, Otta Norway Ingstad P J & Götestam K G 1987. Staff Attitude Changes after Environmental Changes on a Ward For Psychogeriatric Patients. The International Journal of Social Psychiatry (1987) Vol 33. No 3, 237-244. Jensen L 1997: Boliger til demente mennesker ( Houses for Citizens with Dementia) Hjælpemiddelinstituttet; Johannesen A 1992. Omstilling af indsatsen for demente til tværfaglige, gruppeorienterede bo, støtte- og træningstilbud (Re-organisation of the care for demented elderly to interdisciplinary, group-oriented offers of housing, care and rehabilitation). Rapport, Dag- og Træningscentret Tømmergården, Faaborg kommune. 16

Assignment on Evidence Based Practice in OT - December 2000 Staff attitudes, social interaction and people with dementia in residential settings Johannesen A 1998 . New Role for Ots in Dementia Care. Abstract , WFOT Congress Montreal Canada. Korremann G, Meldgaard K, Skrubbeltrang O 1985. Bedre plejehjem – hvordan?. (Better Nursing Homes – How?) AKF’s Forlag; København Law M et al 2000. Effectiveness of activity programmes for older persons with dementia. A critical review of the literature by the Occupational Therapy Evidcence-based Practice Research Group, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario ( ) Morgan D G, Stewart N J 1997. The importance of the Social Environment in Dementia Care. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 1997, 19(6), 740-761 Perrin T 1997. Occupational need in severe dementia: a descriptive study. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1997, 25, 934-941 Perrin T, May H, 2000. Wellbeing in Dementia. An occupational Approach for Therapists and Carers. Churchill Livingstone Roscrow S 1996. Small units specialising in dementia care in West Lothian. Health Bulletin 1996 Jul; 54 p.294-300. Scotland Sandman P O, Norberg A, 1988. Verbal communication and behaviour during meals in five institutionalized patients with Alzheimer-type dementia. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1988, 13, 571-578 17

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