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Hidden Workforce Report - Skills for Health

Hidden Workforce Report - Skills for Health


‘The Hidden Workforce’- Volunteers in the Health Sector in England • another said that some organisations, particularly micro-organisations in the voluntary and community sectors, deliberately avoid keeping records about their volunteers as part of a strategy to stay below the radar of Government. For such groups, any interaction with Government is a “nuisance” to be avoided, as they struggle to make the most efficient use of limited time and resources. 2.18 It was no doubt partly with the thought that volunteering risks being undervalued by the lack of data that Volunteering England recently undertook the project to explore the scale and nature of volunteering in the NHS which we refer to above. In addition to the project-wide report, and reports on individual trusts, Volunteering England published guidance to other employers on how to undertake similar assessments: Health Check: a practical guide to assessing the impact of volunteering in the NHS. 2.19 Given the difficulties outlined above, this guide cautions against the use of its methodology to make comparisons between organisations, but shows how individual trusts and others can use it to help them understand better the scale of what volunteers do for them and what difference they make. We say more about Volunteering England’s work on impact in Chapter 5. Regional distribution of volunteers 2.20 With the difficulty in measuring the number of volunteers in the health sector, it will be no surprise that there is no reliable data on the distribution of volunteers between regions. 2.21 The Cabinet Office report, Helping Out, which covers the whole of English society and not just the healthcare sector, found the highest levels of volunteering in the South West and West Midlands and the lowest (by some margin) in the North East – but contained no indication of how far this distribution applies to healthcare. Voluntary and private sectors 2.22 There is no greater clarity about the scale of volunteering in healthcare in the voluntary (third) sector, or in the private sector (indeed, we have yet to establish that there are any volunteers in the private sector). 12

‘The Hidden Workforce’- Volunteers in the Health Sector in England 2.23 Baroness Neuberger is very clear that volunteering should be encouraged in the private sector: Antipathy towards the use of volunteers in companies that make a profit seems both widespread and ill-founded. For the users of such services are almost exactly the same. Take, for example, an older person about to go into a care home, whose bills are being paid by the local authority. The issue of whether the home is run by a charity or a for-profit company will hardly come into the decision. There is no reason, from the point of view of the user, why an older person who lives in a charity run care home should benefit from volunteers, whilst one who lives in a privately owned and run home should not. 2.24 Anecdotal evidence suggests that some volunteer centres will not handle vacancies for volunteers in the private sector, Baroness Neuberger comments that this “reflects extremely poorly on those who run such organisations”. 2.25 We have not attempted more systematic research, but BUPA’s Human Resources department informed us that the company does not have any volunteers in the workforce. Other companies may do. 13

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