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Hidden Workforce Report - Skills for Health

Hidden Workforce Report - Skills for Health


‘The Hidden Workforce’- Volunteers in the Health Sector in England Other benefits 5.14 The Department of Health is clear that the benefits of volunteering do not stop there: The Government sees a critical role for volunteers in its vision for future society 8 . 5.15 It provides the following list of the benefits which volunteers bring to the health sector: • a user voice and expertise as former patients; • ownership by the communities that are served by these services; • a personal, human touch that staff might be prevented from providing, making services feel genuinely caring; • the act of volunteering also brings actual health benefits to individuals; • innovation and a fresh perspective; • a source of local and other knowledge; • community cohesion and the building of strong communities. 5.16 In its studies at individual trusts, Volunteering England asked paid employees whether ‘by working together, staff and volunteers are able to provide better levels of service to patients’. At the Luton and Dunstable Trust 86% said ‘yes’. It was 87% at Wirral PCT and 93% at Chelsea and Westminster Trust. These are high percentages. 5.17 A Volunteer Services Manager at an NHS Trust explained what is possible: We’ve put together a little team of volunteers who go in at lunchtime and help staff to feed the patients. They don’t feed the people who are really unwell – that’s a clinical job. But they do feed the people who might have lost their appetite, feeling a bit under the weather. That frees up the clinical staff to work with the really poorly people. So it’s not job substitution, but it’s helping the paid staff to reach their targets. 8 Towards a strategy to support volunteering in health and social care, 2008 28

‘The Hidden Workforce’- Volunteers in the Health Sector in England 5.18 There are also clearly benefits to volunteers themselves. Volunteering England has researched this, too, and reported its findings in 2008 in Volunteering and Health: what impact does it really have? 5.19 The report found that volunteering had a beneficial effect on volunteers. Outcomes that improved with volunteering included depression, self-rated health, mortality, ability to carry out daily activities without functional impairment, life satisfaction, stress, family functioning, social support and interaction, pain, affect, self-efficacy rates, psychological distress, life satisfaction/quality of life, frequency of hospitalisation, self-esteem, ability to cope with volunteer’s own illness, adoption of healthy lifestyles and practices, physical activity and healthy levels of drinking. 5.20 The same study considered previous research into benefits for service users from the contribution made by volunteers. That, too, was positive, noting that a particularly important contribution which they make is spending time with patients, which has become more important as paid staff come under increasing pressure. This value is especially appreciated in hospices. 29

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