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37 | Creating viable

37 | Creating viable business models for inclusive growth through the National Optical Fiber Network A Way Forward With twenty two states already on board with tripartite agreements, the work of laying the Fiber is progressing well. It is now time for the states and the various vertical departments to come forward in planning the delivery of services using high-speed broadband. The creation of viable business models will need a number of stakeholders from the Government and the industry to come together and deliberate on several important decisions. This coordinated effort across central, state and local bodies and private enterprises may be best channeled through a CII-Government Working Group with a well-defined set of objectives and responsibilities. Role of the Working Group The intention and purpose of the Working Group could be: • To provide a coordinated and consistent approach to broadband infrastructure management and facilitation issues across major urban and regional areas –– Promote delivery of services in the key sectors – education, healthcare, banking, and agriculture – and also other areas such as governance, and economic development over the high speed fiber network, by facilitating coordinated effort across central and state agencies • To stimulate investment and competition in the development of optical fiber infrastructure • To facilitate and encourage development of relevant regional content in vernacular languages to maximize the benefits that next generation applications and services will deliver over the NOFN • To address the issues concerning the physical rollout of the optical fiber network and facilitate discussion on broadband-enabled content, applications and services • To work with carriers to promote and improve service, access availability and cost competitiveness of broadband services • To partner with BBNL to encourage NOFN readiness and build programs to drive uptake rates when deployed

Creating viable business models for inclusive growth through the National Optical Fiber Network | 38 Proposed organisation structure and roles and responsibilities of the working group The Working Group could be made up of the following functional blocks: • Strategy and Program Management Group • Technology and Infrastructure Group • Business Model and Financing Group Each functional block could include members from Government bodies and private enterprises. The core of the Working Group would revolve around permanent representatives from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), BBNL, CII, visionaries in the private sector and experts from various fields. The Strategic Council, in consultation with the program management group, may also appoint transient members (from both public as well as private enterprises) to the functional teams. Figure11: Proposed structure of the Working Group Source: KPMG analysis

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