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Overview of MIMO systems

Overview of MIMO systems

5 Space-Time Coding

5 Space-Time Coding (Transmit / Receive Diversity) Comparison of Performance: 2x2 STCBC and SISO SMARAD / Radio Laboratory 23 5 Space-Time Coding (Transmit / Receive Diversity) Comparison of Performance: V-BLAST & STCBC in MIMO-OFDM SMARAD / Radio Laboratory 24

5 Space-Time Coding (Transmit / Receive Diversity) Summary : Space-Time Coding & V-BLAST Space-Time Coding • Space-time codes provide spatial diversity gain without requiring channel knowledge in the transmitter • Space-time codes do not provide array gain (due to lack of channel knowledge in the transmitter) • Orthogonal space-time codes decouple the vector detection problem into scalar detection problems -> drastically simplified algorithms V-BLAST • Performs well when channel estimates are good • Degradation due to channel estimation errors is fairly high • Successive Interference Cancellation (SIC) makes for low complexity • Danger of error propagation that is inherent of a SIC scheme • Inferior to STBC due to lack of diversity gain at the transmitter SMARAD / Radio Laboratory 25 6 conclusion 6 Conclusion MIMO extremely promising but more validation work are needed : Algorithms: - Unifying diversity and multiplexing approaches - Optimum loading Low complexity receivers - Optimum receivers (ML) are too complex - Simple receivers (linear) give unacceptable performance at high MIMO loading System gain evaluation - Real gains depend on deployment scenario - Beamforming and MIMO needs to be compared on a system level basis SMARAD / Radio Laboratory 26

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