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DIGIOP® Hardware Quick Start Guide

DIGIOP® Hardware Quick Start Guide


® Getting Started This Quick Start Guide explains the installation involved with your DVR. For additional information or support, contact Customer Care. 800.968.3606 Toll Free • • Unpacking the Contents The following should be included with the DVR. Please inspect these and the DVR while unpacking. • Quick Start Guide • Mouse/Keyboard • Video Input Cables (except on S30) • PTZ Control Cable • RS232 PTZ Control Cable • Recovery DVD • Application CD • Nero CD • Surge Protection Notice • Power Cord Choose a Proper Location Select a location for the DVR that meets the following requirements. Notice: Excessive heat can shorten the life of electronics. • Adequate ventilation to avoid excessive heat • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) • Moisture-free environment • A place away from direct sunlight • An area with minimal dust or debris Site Installation Hardware Setup – Connect all input devices and external peripherals to the DVR. Please refer to the diagrams in regard to what should be connected to your DVR. When using the PTZ Control Cable use Tx+ Red and Tx- Brown • Indoor & Outdoor Camera(s) • VGA Monitor • Spot Out Monitor - Optional • PTZ Camera(s) - Optional • Audio in • Speakers - Optional • Ethernet • Mouse • Keyboard • Relays and I/O • Cash Register (RS 232) - Optional • Power Cord Notice: For proper indoor and outdoor cameras an in-line surge suppressor or equivalent should be used to reduce exposure to surges and lightning strikes. Getting Started • 1 Turning the world’s surveillance information into accessible intelligence and significant action •

® About Your System Front View 1. DVD-RW drive 6. diagnostic lights (4) 2. DVD-RW eject button 7. network-connectivity light 3. USB 2.0 connectors (2) 8. microphone connector 4. hard-drive activity light 9. headphone connector 5. power button, power light Back View 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. expansion slot (1) air vent cover release latch padlock rings power connector back-panel connectors (see below) Back Panel Connectors 2 3 1. 2. parallel connector sensors / controls / PTZ 8. 9. line-out connector line-in connector 4 5 6 7 camera connector 10. USB 2.0 connectors (6) 3. video capture board 11. VGA video connector* 1 8 9 4. 5. connectors serial connector link-integrity light 12. eSATA connector 13. DisplayPort connector* 13 12 11 10 6. 7. network connector network-activity light *NOTICE: Using the DisplayPort for video may require an optional adapter to connect to older monitors which only support VGA and/or DVI (available at www. When connecting a DisplayPort monitor or adapter, the multi-monitor capability of the system will not be available during boot or when running DOS. Output will be limited to the DisplayPort monitor only. When the system has booted to Windows and loaded the graphics driver, then multi-monitor support will be fully functional. About Your System • 2 Turning the world’s surveillance information into accessible intelligence and significant action •

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