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Configuring Ingres 2006 in BEA Workshop Studio 3.1 - Actian

Configuring Ingres 2006 in BEA Workshop Studio 3.1 - Actian

2. Add

2. Add Ingres Connection: Right mouse click on DbXplorer -> New Connection which will bring up the following screen. Provide a database connection name, which is arbitrary, and click Next. 3. Add Ingres JDBC driver to the CLASSPATH, as shown below. Click Next.

Note that while the Ingres JDBC driver, iijdbc.jar, is installed with Ingres into its lib directory on the server machine, it may be copied to any desired location on any machine – for instance, to the machine that BEA Workshop Studio is installed on. This is the only file needed to provide connectivity to Ingres 2006; no other Ingres files or libraries are needed to run the driver. 4. Add an Ingres JDBC connection info as shown in the following two screens. The screen above is shown with the database defaults populated, which is accomplished by clicking on the link towards the bottom of this page. The components of the Database URL are replaced with values as described in the following points - • host name – the name of the host on which Ingres is running (the Ingres iigcd / Data Access Server (DAS) specifically...often with DBMS) • II7 – this is the port on which Ingres listens for JDBC connections. This may be a mnemonic (like “II7”) or an actual numeric port. By default, the mnemonic listen port for JDBC is the installation id of Ingres (default II) followed by a “7” (seven). • db name – Ingres database name. If the Ingres DAS and DBMS are installed together

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