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Configuring Ingres 2006 in BEA Workshop Studio 3.1 - Actian

Configuring Ingres 2006 in BEA Workshop Studio 3.1 - Actian

(which is common), this

(which is common), this is all that is needed. If installed on different machines, then an Ingres vnode (virtual node) definition is also required and must be specified in the URL using the format vnode::dbname. A vnode is generally preconfigured in Ingres using the Ingres Network Utility, in which case the name of the vnode is used in the URL. Alternatively, the information may be specified directly in the URL using the dynamic vnode format (@hostname,...); please refer to the Ingres Connectivity Guide for details. • user / password – user ID and password. These values are not required if connecting to Ingres on the same machine; otherwise, user and password are required and are validated against the operating system on the remote machine. For other security options, see the Ingres documentation. The screen below shows the page with a sample Database URL included. You can click the “Test Connection” push button to verify that Ingres is running and the configuration information is correct. Once you have completed entering the information for this page, click Finish, which will bring up the following screen-

When you click on the plus sign to the left of the connection shown as TradeDB, you will see a listing of the objects in the target Ingres database. All of the standard features of BEA Workshop Studio and Eclipse are now available to use against the Ingres database. Each Ingres database will require a separate connection to be set up in DbXplorer. For example, to view the data in the accountejb table, right click on the table and select “Show Data”:

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